Sadi Cultural Complex ready to be inaugurated

April 21, 2021 - 21:30

TEHRAN - Sadi Cultural Complex will be inaugurated as a research and scientific center adjacent to the mausoleum of the great Persian poet in the city of Shiraz, southern Fars province.

Mosayeb Amiri, general manager of Fars Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Department announced the completion of the Sadi Cultural Complex at the opening ceremony of Sadi's National Day (April 21), which was held virtually, and said: "Fortunately, this center, which will be used as a research and scientific center, simultaneously with the commemoration day of this prominent Persian poet, is ready for use.

Referring to the different parts of Sadi Cultural Complex, he said: "This complex is located next to the mausoleum of the poet with an area of 2700 square meters and has several sections, including a library and documents center with a space of 432 square meters, a special space for temporary exhibitions with an area of 324 square meters, service and public spaces with an area of 760 square meters and also an amphitheater with a capacity of 270 people.

He added: "Despite the fact that this space is located next to Sadi's mausoleum, its design is such that it does not visually affect Sadi's mausoleum, and on the other hand, due to its proximity to Sadi's mausoleum, there is a space for discussion as a research center and can be used for holding meetings and scientific events for those interested in.

Amiri, stating that the construction of this complex has been completed by the private sector, said: Sadi Cultural Complex after years of hiatus at the end of 2017 and using the legal capacity of Article 27 was transferred to the private sector and the amount of credit spent on it has been 40 billion tomans.

Also, Saber Sohrabi, Director General of Culture and Islamic Guidance Department of Fars province in the opening ceremony considered Sadi as a mystic belonging to the whole world and said: Sadi, the left Gulistan and Bustan with 18 beautiful doors for the worlds to heaven, to invite all lovers to the love of the beloved to the paradise of literature and knowledge, and the character of kings. He knows the morality of dervishes and adorns the morality of dervishes with the virtue of contentment.

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