Iranian stock market’s short-term outlook positive: expert

April 24, 2021 - 14:38

TEHRAN - The current trend of stock exchange trading will continue until relative stability is established in the market and the investors are expected to return to the market, the capital market expert Amirali Amir-Aqaei stated.

“The demand side is now waiting for the internal and international political condition to become clear, and investors will invest in the stock market again as soon as the horizons are clear,” Amir-Aqaei told IRNA.

The point to be noted is that the increase in the sales side in the market over the past week was due to the clearing of the political outlook, the elimination of the expected high inflation, and the outlook for higher exchange rates, the expert said.

According to Amir-Baqeri, traders came to the conclusion that it is likely that a stagnant atmosphere will prevail in the country’s physical markets in the short run, and consequently the capital market has been affected by this issue.

He referred to the trend of trades in the previous Iranian calendar month (March 21-April 20) and continued: “In the first half of the previous year, the market index recorded a peak of near 2.3 million units; reaching such a peak was somewhat justifiable considering the very high exchange rate and the inflation rate.

Unprecedented fluctuations in the Iranian stock market over the past few months have led shareholders, experts, and scholars to call for the government to increase its support for the market, some shareholders want the government to guarantee the return of their stocks, some believe providing infrastructure is the best way to help this market.

Some, on the other hand, believe that the government should not interfere in the stock market, saying the government's pre-ordered and unrealistic pricing of some state-owned shares is the main reason for the capital market’s current downward trend.


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