Turkish translation of “Inquests about Palestine” ready to be published

May 10, 2021 - 18:55

TEHRAN – Esmaeil Bandidarya has recently completed translating Iranian writer Zahra Mostafavi’s book “Inquests about Palestine” into Turkish and it is ready to be published in the near future.

He made the remarks during a webinar organized by the Iranian Culture Center in Istanbul to discuss translations and publications on the issue of Palestine last Friday.

Bandidarya said, “I have translated more than 300 books from Persian into Turkish,” citing “Inquests about Palestine” as his most recent translation work.

Kurosh Moqtaderi, the Iranian cultural attaché in Turkey, also attending the webinar, stressed the importance of the Palestinian issue.

“Quds is the first Qibla of Muslims that has been occupied by Zionists since 1948,” he said in the webinar, which was held to commemorate International Quds Day.

Referring to publications on the Palestinian issue, Moqtaderi added: “Several books on this issue have so far been translated from various languages into Turkish”.

The book consists of several articles and research works on the issue of occupied Palestine. One of the main chapters of the book discusses the viewpoints of Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, about Palestine. 

The writer delves into recent developments and the Islamic awakening in West Asia in the final chapter. 

Another speaker at the webinar was Aydin Altai, a Turkish writer and researcher, who commented on the issue of Palestinian book publications and distribution, stating that he has carefully studied the views of Imam Khomeini.

He said, “Resistance is the central core of Imam Khomeini’s discourse.”

“The necessity of identifying the enemy caused him to name the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as International Quds Day,” Altai added. 

The Turkish author and researcher further emphasized the importance of compiling and translating valuable works about Palestine in order to convey the realities to the audience.

The original book “Inquests about Palestine” was first published by First Qibla Publications as its first Persian edition in 2013. 

Photo: Author Zahra Mostafavi attends a meeting the publisher organized in Tehran on September 20, 2018 to introduce her book “Inquests about Palestine”.


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