Designing cities based on cultural intangibles is essential, deputy tourism minister says

June 3, 2021 - 1:10

TEHRAN – The design of contemporary cities should incorporate intangible cultural aspects of the nation, deputy tourism minister Mohammad-Hassan Talebian has said. 

He made the remarks during an international webinar on contemporary architecture and intangible cultural heritage, which was held in Tehran Intangible Cultural Heritage Center on Monday. 

For the dynamism and vitality of contemporary cities, the intangible cultural heritage capacities must be emphasized more than ever, he explained. 

In this regard, traditional and indigenous knowledge as a source of spiritual and material capital and its positive contribution to sustainable development seems crucial, he added. 

For his part, Mostafa Purali, a senior official with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts said that throughout the last two centuries, human attitudes toward themselves, their environment, and their living space have changed, creating a new kind of architectural space.

Despite the strengths of this type of architectural space, it must be admitted that contemporary architecture has its limitations, including the lack of an appropriate basis for intangible cultural elements to emerge and develop, he added. 

Architecture and the city can share a memorable quality if they make use of intangible cultural heritage, which is being preserved through customs, performances, rituals, handicrafts, and language, he explained. 

The intangible cultural heritage of a nation consists of its practices, symbols, skills, means, traditional knowledge, handicrafts, and cultural spaces passed down from one generation to the next.

Among Iran’s intangible cultural heritage are performing arts, traditional and hand-made crafts, skills related to these crafts, social traditions, customs, celebrations, rituals, science and customs related to nature and world, verbal traditions, and other manifestations such as languages.



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