Books on puppetry published in Persian

June 2, 2021 - 19:9

TEHRAN - Four books by renowned international experts on puppetry have recently been published in Persian by Namayesh Publications.

The books are from a collection translated under the auspices of the 18th edition of the Tehran-Mubarak Puppet Theater Festival, which was held in Tehran in March.

“Puppetry: How to Do It” by Mervyn Millar is one of the books. It focuses on puppet theater performances and how performers can bring puppets to life in the theater. 

Translated by Selma Mohseni Ardahali, the book provides a simple and practical guide for enthusiasts to develop the elements of puppetry through individual and group exercises. 

“Puppetry: A Reader in Theatre Practice” by Penny Francis was another book of the collection translated by Pupak Azimpur. 

In this sophisticated and compelling introduction to puppet theater, Francis offers engaging contemporary perspectives on this universal art form. 

She provides an account of puppetry’s different facets, from its demands and techniques, through its uses and abuses, to its history and philosophy. 

The book gathers together material from an international selection of sources, bringing puppet theatre to life for the student, practitioner and amateur alike.

Written by Henryk Jurkowski and translated to Persian by Zohreh Behrozinia, “Aspects of Puppet Theater” is based on the author’s original 1988 text and includes the author’s essays analyzing puppetry as a performing art. 

The book is the third in a series of essays by Jurkowski, containing articles discussing the craft of puppetry, as well as the art of performing Puppet theatre.

The collection also includes “Children and Adolescent Theater”. It is a compilation of writings of German experts on Children’s theater compiled and translated by Keiqobad Yazdani.

Photo: This combination photo shows books by several international experts on puppetry published in Persian Namayesh Publications.


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