Al-Hakim calls for the necessity of building "Iraqi nation"

June 9, 2021 - 15:52

I call for the necessity of building the "Iraqi nation" through a trilogy; Ammar Al-Hakim the Head of the “Iraqioon” coalition said in a seminar organized by Harvard University.

Speaking in the seminar organized by the Center for International Studies, Harvard University Virtually Hakim called for the necessity of building the "Iraqi nation" through؛ Respect for the specificities, managing diversity, and Building the Inclusive National Identity.

1. Respect for the specificities: which means; Yes, to sect, no to sectarianism, yes to nationalism, no to racism, yes to religion, no to extremism and intolerance.

2. Managing diversity means that, first, we prevent sectarian, religious, and national retrenchment, that is, setting up high walls around their identities and keeping them to themselves. Secondly, we push these identities to share and cooperate. And thirdly, we invest it in the interest of the state.

3. Building the Inclusive National Identity: And it is that identity formed from the group of major constituents and sub-identities that guarantee the interest of all and which is embodied in the one and unified Iraqi nation.

"We must engage in dialogue with others with all their human diversities," he added.

The Islamic unity that we demand is not that unity that desires to have a conflict with the world or to follow it up with anything that makes us in the eyes of others fierce enemies or imitators deprived of identity, Hakim noted.

" The unity we demand is the Islamic modern unity that embraces the world and adds to it an original addition, that harmonizes with common human issues and concerns, keeps pace with them, and provides them with effective solutions and formulas," Iraqi politician highlighted.

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