Yasmina Reza’s “Bella Figura” coming to stage at Tehran theater  

June 11, 2021 - 18:41

TEHRAN – An Iranian troupe led by director Shaahin Chegini is scheduled to perform French writer Yasmina Reza’s “Bella Figura” at Tehran’s Jamshid Mashayekhi Hall on Sunday.

The play will go on stage based on a Persian translation by Puya Vakilzadeh. The play has also been translated into Persian by Behruz Sarvalishahi.

The story of “Bella Figura” is about a man and woman in the parking lot of a small town restaurant.

Andrea, a single mother and pharmaceutical technical assistant, is still in the car. Her lover, glazier-entrepreneur Boris, tries to persuade her to get out – despite the slip he just committed: to mention that the restaurant was recommended to him by his wife…

A little later, another couple appears on site: Eric and Françoise, accompanied by Yvonne, Eric’s mother. It quickly becomes clear that they are unhappily linked to the other two.

Sara Oliai, Zeinab Bigdeli, Ilia Parsian, Kiarash Radmehr, Ruzbeh Soltani, Nima Asgari, Paria Golmohammadi and Shiva Mehrju are members of the troupe.

Iranian troupes have always regarded Reza’s plays. Her Tony Award-winning play “Art” by Iranian director Jalal Ahmadpur went on stage in January at Tehran’s Mehregan Theater.

Set in Paris, the story of the play revolves around three friends named Serge, Marc and Yvan, who find their previously solid 15-year friendship on shaky ground when Serge buys an expensive painting. The canvas is white, with several fine white lines.

It focuses on the meaning of art and friendship, to both the man who bought the painting and the two friends who come to see it.

In addition, Sheida Sajjadian directed Reza’s “Life x 3” during the 5th Iranian Women’s Theater Festival in July 2006.

“Life X 3” presents three versions of two couples (and an offstage six-year-old) trying to make a success of one evening despite the fact that they neither like nor respect one another. 

When Hubert and Ines arrive a day early to dinner at the home of Henri and Sophie, Sophie barely has time to change out of her robe and Ines is in a foul mood about a run in her stocking-from there, the evening can only go downhill. 

Over an improvised meal of chocolate fingers and potato chips, the couple’s trade insults on every social and professional level, and loyalties are changed with the same rapidity that glasses of Sancerre are drained.

Photo: A poster for the play “Bella Figura”, which will be performed at Tehran’s Jamshid Mashyekhi Hall on Sunday.


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