Ursula Vernon’s series Dragonbreath published in Persian

June 12, 2021 - 18:43

TEHRAN – American writer Ursula Vernon’s series Dragonbreath has been published in Persian by Saless in Tehran.

Parisa Musavi is the translator of the series, which includes “Dragonbreath”, “Attack of the Ninja Frogs” and “Curse of the Were-wiener”.

In “Dragonbreath”, it’s not easy for Danny Dragonbreath to be the sole mythical creature in a school for reptiles and amphibians, especially because he can’t breathe fire like other dragons (as the school bully loves to remind him). 

But having a unique family comes in handy sometimes, like when his sea-serpent cousin takes Danny and his best iguana friend on a mindboggling underwater tour, complete with vomiting sea cucumbers and a giant squid. 

It sure beats reading the encyclopedia to research his ocean report…

In “Attack of the Ninja Frogs”, Danny knew the girls were trouble. But the new foreign exchange student, Suki the Salamander, is beyond trouble. Not only has she reduced his best friend, Wendell, to a blithering, lovesick tadpole, but she’s apparently the object of an elaborate ninja frog kidnapping plot. 

Danny is never one to pass up an adventure (especially one involving ninja frogs), and so he, Wendell and Suki set out on a dangerous quest through the mythical Japanese bamboo forests to find out what these fearsome frogs want. Danny may not be able to breathe fire like a normal dragon, but he and Wendell have watched lots of kung fu movies and can totally take on a bunch of ninja frogs. Or, um, so he hopes…

In “Curse of the Were-wiener”, Danny and his best friend Wendell thought the hot dog from the school cafeteria looked a little… off. Then things got weird when the hot dog bit Wendell, and weirder still when Wendell started to sprout back hair. Could Wendell be morphing into a… (cue ominous music) were-wiener? All evidence points to yes. And unless he and Danny can get past the lunch ladies and slay the alpha-wurst, the whole school could be infected.

Photo: This combination photo shows the front covers of the Persian books of Ursula Vernon’s series Dragonbreath.


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