Photogs invited to capture Sassanid sites in southern Iran

June 26, 2021 - 21:30

TEHRAN – A selection of photographers have been invited to capture charming scenes from the “Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region”, which is a UNESCO World Heritage.

The ensemble comprises several Sasanian-era (224–651) sites, which are scattered across the ancient cities of Bishapour, Firouzabad, and Sarvestan in the modern Fars province of Iran.

“We are organizing specialized photography tours to re-introduce the Sassanid treasure in Fars,” a local tourism official announced on Saturday, CHTN reported.

The ensemble reflects the optimized utilization of natural topography and bears witness to the influence of Achaemenid and Parthian cultural traditions and of Roman art, which later had a significant impact on the architecture and artistic styles of the Islamic era.

Under his leadership who reigned from 224 to 241, the Sassanians overthrew the Parthians and created an empire that was constantly changing in size as it reacted to Rome and Byzantium to the west and the Kushans and Hephthalites to the east, according to Britannica Encyclopedia.

The dynasty evolved by Ardashir I and was destroyed by the Arabs during the period of 637 to 651. The dynasty was named after Sasan, an ancestor of Ardashir I.


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