Farabi International Award announces 37 winners

July 18, 2021 - 20:30

TEHRAN – The 12th Farabi International Award (FIA) on the Humanities and Islamic Studies announced 37 winners during the closing ceremony held on Sunday.

Some 37 domestic and foreign winners from Germany, Afghanistan, Italy, Belgium, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Russia were introduced and honored in the ceremony including the owners of 11 works in the Adult section, eight works in the Young section, seven selected figures in the Foreign section (Iranian Studies and Islamic Studies).

Also, 11 selected figures in the other sections including pioneer scholars in the Humanities and Islamic Studies, pioneer personalities of Humanities and Islamic Studies (Deceased), one top translator, one top theorist, one top Scientific Journal, and one top scientific association.

Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19, the closing ceremony was held virtually and only in the presence of a limited number of domestic winners in compliance with health protocols.

Held annually, the Farabi International Award purpose is specified in both theoretical and applied fields, the Award has been organizationally defined in a way that enables it to receive the highest amount of support from research and educational organizations active in the field of Humanities. 

In addition to that, all scientific and research seminaries and universities were invited to participate in the Award’s policy-making process, making up a comprehensive effort and collective action to identify and appreciate the selected works of Islamic Humanities. 

The Award receives, reviews, and chooses the selected works at the two young (under 35 years) and adult levels and, in terms of territory, covers both domestic and foreign areas. Where the domestic area is concerned, all the works produced by Iranians, regardless of their current location and profession, are considered.


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