Tehran geological museum gets affiliated with UMAC

July 18, 2021 - 21:18

TEHRAN – The Geological Museum of the University of Tehran has become affiliated with the International Council of Museums Committee for University Museums and Collections (UMAC), ISNA reported on Sunday.

According to the UMAC, the Geological Museum has a “worthy and unique” collection of Iran’s rich representatives of Geo-materials, scientific documents, and various geological resources, diverse minerals, rocks, and fossils.  

The museum was established in 1934 by the late Professor Yadaleh Sahabi, Chair of Geology at the University of Tehran. Then, with his guidance and the continuous efforts of colleagues and students, finally, the museum was opened to the public and students in 1940.

The museum features various samples of rocks, minerals, and fossils, which were purchased from abroad. Later, with the increasing number of student admissions and field trips all over Iran, the museum samples became richer continuously.

After Dr. Sahabi's retirement, Dr. Sirus Zareian, became the director of the Museum of Earth Sciences. The Museum, to enhance the level of education in geology and other earth sciences, provides numerous visits annually for various institutions including schools, universities, and research institutes.

The fossils of vertebrates and invertebrates in the museum are very unique and diverse. In the vertebrate section, traces of early human activities have been collected. In addition, specimens from the scientific and educational activities at the university are documented and maintained here.

The museum plays a major role in placing the foundation and vitalizing scientific and applied research and advancing the earth sciences with the experience gained on the Iranian geo-heritage.


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