‘Bidboland gas refinery plays a significant role in Iranian energy industry’

August 1, 2021 - 16:41

TEHRAN – Managing Director of Iran’s Persian Gulf Bid Boland Gas Refinery has said the refinery is playing a significant role in providing feed to the country’s petrochemical plants and completing their output basket.

“The position of this refinery is very important in supplying feed to petrochemical units and completing the country's energy basket.” Mahmoud Aminnejad said on Sunday in a ceremony for celebrating the achievements of the country’s petrochemical industry in the previous Iranian calendar year (ended on March 20).

Underlining that the refinery was constructed in a condition when the country was under significant pressure due to the U.S. sanctions, the official said: “the project is important because it has made us able to process and refine the associated gases collected from the country’s oil fields.”

“With the construction of Bidboland Persian Gulf gas refinery, the oil industry's 110-year-old dream of collecting and processing oil’s associated gases has been fulfilled,” he said.

He called Bidboland Persian Gulf Gas Refinery one of the most important projects among all South Pars projects and said: "After sour gas entered this refinery, we reached product in less than seven days."

Persian Gulf Bid Boland Gas Refinery, in which $3.4 billion has been invested, was officially inaugurated by President Hassan Rouhani in southwestern Khouzestan Province in late January.

The refinery was put into operation with the aim of increasing the production of sweet gas, reducing the consumption of petroleum products, production of propane, butane, and gas condensate, the export of by-products, the supply of natural gas to urban areas, and supplying ethane required by petrochemical units in the region.

The refinery, which took 36 months to complete, has a daily processing capacity of more than 56 million cubic meters of associated gas and is expected to generate $700 million of revenue every year.

This complex receives about 13.500 tons of sour gas per year from NGL 900 and 1000 Plants while receiving 2.25 million tons of sweet gas from NGL 1200 and 1300 Plants.

As the largest gas refinery project in West Asia, Bid Boland will have an annual production capacity of 10.4 million tons of methane, 1.5 million tons of ethane, one million tons of propane, 600,000 tons of gas condensates, and 500,000 tons of butane.

In 2020, Bid Bolad Refinery project was nominated for the International Project Management Association (IPMA)’s Global Project Excellence Award at the energy sector; it was also awarded as Iran’s top mega project by the Ninth National Project Management Award.


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