Persian bookstores host “Best Friends Forever”

August 4, 2021 - 18:53

TEHRAN – P.J. Night book’s “Best Friends Forever” has been published in Persian.

Published by Che Books, the book has been rendered into Persian by Maedeh Mortazavi.

In this book, Katie is getting a new BFF, whether she likes it or not.

Katie Walsh is majorly bummed when her BFF moves away. But her hopes soar when the new girl at school, Whitney, befriends her right away and invites her to spend the night at her house for a sleepover. 

Katie loved sleepovers with her old BFF, so she’s sure she will have a great time. But Katie doesn’t have a great time. Something is not quite right at Whitney’s house. Whitney seems really, really into her dolls…and later that night, Katie’s convinced that the dolls are threatening her.

The next morning, a freaked-out Katie decides that maybe she hasn’t found a new best friend, after all. Whitney, however, has made up her mind about Katie—they’re going to be best friends forever…no matter what.

This too-close-for-comfort friendship tale is ranked at 5 on the Creep-o-Meter.

Simon & Schuster, calls P.J. Night a lifelong night owl who often works furiously into the wee hours of the morning, writing down spooky tales and dreaming up new stories of the supernatural and otherworldly. 

“Although P.J.’s whereabouts are unknown at this time, we suspect the author lives in a drafty, old mansion where the floorboards creak when no one is there and the flickering candlelight creates shadows that creep along the walls. We truly wish we could tell you more, but we’ve been sworn to keep P.J.’s identity a secret…and it’s a secret we will take to our graves!”

Photo: Front cover of the Persian translation of P.J. Night’s book “Best Friends Forever”.


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