Movies from Iran line up for Flickers' Rhode Island International Film 

August 8, 2021 - 18:53

TEHRAN – Ten movies by Iranian filmmakers will be competing in the 39th Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival, which opened today in Providence.

“Bi Aban” by Mehrdad Kuroshnia is the sole narrative feature of the Iranian film lineup.

Aban is a forest ranger who has to get married in another month. In a chase with wood smugglers, he finds a little girl on the road who has died. Everyone doubts that he must have had an accident with the child, but Aban does not admit it, rather he admits that he killed a girl 15 years ago in such a situation and secretly buried her. The police ask him for a sign or a document, but he has no evidence, and even the place where he buried the child has become a highway. Aban complains about himself, but there is no evidence to prove his conviction.

The short documentary “Parizad” by Mehdi Imani Shahmiri is also competing in the Oscar-qualifying festival.

It is about Aunt Keshvar, a lonely rural woman who weaves an unknown and nearly forgotten fabric named “Geleej”. She shares information about the role of Geleej in the daily life of the villagers and legends around his homeland.

Director Zahra Malayeri’s animated short “Kakaei” will also be screened at the festival, which will run until August 15.

In southern Iran, the word “kakaei” means seagull. It is about a lonely little girl living in southern Iran and through several incidents, she discovers the truth about herself.

The lineup also includes the narrative short films “All the Time” by Shadi Karamrudi, “Eko” by Mahin Sadri, “Face” by Vahid Kordlu, “Cats” by Mohammad Rasuli, “Waiter” by Zahra Asgari, “Wet” by Saeid Jafarian and “Witness” by Ali Asgari.

“Eko” is a highlight of the lineup. It is about a woman who has just turned forty and, recently having separated from her partner, is struggling with depression. She faces many different lives she could have had, hearing and seeing herself everywhere.

Another outstanding movie of the collection is “Waiter”. It tells the story of Navid, a young boy who works in a café. He used to record other people’s conversations, and this causes him to notice his dark past among the sounds, which leads to his mental breakdown.

Photo: “Bi Aban” by Iranian director Mehrdad Kuroshnia.


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