Lukashenko warns West will not succeed in tearing Belarus away from Russia

August 10, 2021 - 19:11

The Belarusian President says Western countries will never be able to make Minsk part ways with its strong ally Moscow.

At a meeting with journalists and public activists, Alexander Lukashenko, said: "I simply wish our foreign representatives, who are present here, if they have anything human, try to understand what is going on or at least stop meddling with our affairs”.

The Belarusian President also says "we are in no way different from Russians. You should take it for granted”.

He added “If you have any interest, let us cooperate. If you don’t, just step away and leave us alone. You won’t be able to tear us away from Russia and win us over to your side"

According to Lukashenko, before the August 2020 presidential elections, Belarus demonstrated readiness for cooperation with the West and they accepted this. 

"Why have you suddenly gone mad in the West? We used to have normal relations with you and had perspectives to build these relations. But you have ruined it all with your own hands," he said.

Britain added to Western sanctions against Belarus on Monday targeting the country’s potash and petroleum product exports. 

The measures are part of attempts by the West to pressure Lukashenko to step down after Western powers refused to accept the results of the elections. 

Lukashenko swiftly retorted that London should "choke on" the new sanctions imposed.

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