By Engin Firat

Easy task for Iran football team

August 24, 2021 - 9:55

TEHRAN - To be honest, I believe Iran will easily win the Group A in the World Cup qualification. I see at this moment only two teams in Asia in the Level of Iran, which are Japan and Australia and both are in Group B. Of course South Korea and Iraq are good teams but they would probably lack of the quality to stop Iran. A well-motivated and prepared Iran will finish the Group early as first placed team.

Anyway; the most important step in this Qualification was to change Marc Wilmots with Dragan Skocic. I don’t know what Wilmots has done, but for sure he didn’t get to find a way to understand the Iranian Players. It may sound weird but I believe even without a coach, the players could have gotten better results. Skocic was the right choice, because you need a coach who knows the culture and feelings of the Iranian Players.

For me it is now crucial that the Iran Football Federation starts directly organizing all for the 2020 World Cup. The World Cup is in Qatar, one of the closest countries to travel, so you can have a lot of fans there. And besides all, you are used to the stadiums and atmosphere in Qatar, which will let you to an easy adaptation progress. If all can be perfectly organized, then Iran will have a big advantage like almost playing as at Home. Then I believe it will be very possible to pass the group stage, first time in a World Cup, since the players have the quality to achieve this.

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