Raisi tells Iranian expatriates that investment is guaranteed

September 17, 2021 - 21:33

TEHRAN – President Ebrahim Raisi stated on Thursday evening that the security of "investment" depends on the security of "capital" and "investor".

Raisi, who had traveled to Tajikistan to participate at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit, made the remarks in meeting with Iranians living in Tajikistan, IRNA reported. 

The new president said his government is guaranteeing the security of capital and investor.

"The security of both is guaranteed in the 13th administration and the ground for Iranian investment in the country is provided, including facilitating and accelerating the issuance of licenses," Raisi highlighted.

He also said that Iranians everywhere in the world are “ambassadors” of Iran and a symbol of the greatness of the country.

"Although the enemy has tried to hinder the progress of the Iranian nation, but the Iranian nation has shown its determination to remove all obstacles to its growth and excellence," he pointed out.

Raisi described the expatriate Iranians as a precious opportunity and capacity for the development of Iran.

The Iranians abroad had always tried to use their resources and capabilities in economic, scientific, technical and engineering fields in the benefit of their homeland, he added. 

The president underlined that in practice, the officials should pay attention to the capacity of the expatriates and use it to serve the development and expansion of the country's communications.

"This capacity can play a role in various fields and become a lasting asset for the country. The responsible bodies must prepare the necessary ground for this in the country."

The president also said neighboring and regional countries, especially those who have a common civilization with Iran, prefer to expand their relations with Iran in all areas.

The president stated: "The Iranians abroad, including in Tajikistan, play an important role in expanding and deepening Iran's relations with other countries."

Raisi mentioned said export of goods and services from Iran to neighboring countries and the region is as one of the priorities of his administration.

"Exports of goods and services from Iran to other countries, especially neighbors can be an important factor in improving the level of our country's foreign relations."

All responsible bodies should make every effort to facilitate the export of Iranian goods and services, the president said, noting that apart from trying to facilitate export of goods careful attention should be made to export high-quality goods “because Iranian goods must represent the accuracy, and capability of Iran."

"No country is developed unless its foreign policy and foreign ministry serve the export of its products and services," he said. 

"One of the most important requirements for the country's development is for the foreign ministry to prioritize economic diplomacy." 

The president stated: "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should be active in identifying the target markets of Iranian goods and services and facilitate the way to reach it."

The border provinces of the country have an important mission in this regard because Iranian goods and services have a lot of fans, especially in neighboring countries, Raisi stressed.

Referring to the creation of a department for economic diplomacy by the minister of foreign affairs, Raisi stated the administration planned to activate economic diplomacy, and from now on economic tables would become more active. 
"We will take it seriously and operationally to develop export markets and strengthen economic interactions and the obstacles will be removed."

The president went on to say there was a plan for the expatriate Iranians to invest in various sectors and the security of capital and investors is fully guaranteed.

"The security of ‘investment’ depends on the security of ‘capital’ and the security of the "investor" is both guaranteed in the current administration, and we provide the ground for Iranians to invest inside the country in various ways, including facilitating and accelerating the issuance of licenses, and we support the activities of Iranian companies abroad."

Prior to the president's speech, Iranian Ambassador to Tajikistan Mohammad Taghi Saberi referred to the deep historical, cultural and civilizational similarities between Iran and Tajikistan and said over 170 cooperation agreements have been signed between Tehran and Dushanbe. 

"There are many fields and capacities to improve the level of economic, cultural and technical relations between Iran and Tajikistan," Ambassador Saberi said.

Also, three Iranians present at the ceremony expressed their views and opinions on the grounds and strategies for the development of bilateral relations, especially using the capabilities and capacity of the private sector.

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