“Saffron Based Lifestyle”, “Shoe” honored at Ukraine Happy Future Scripts Film Festival

September 29, 2021 - 18:37

TEHRAN – “Saffron Based Lifestyle” and “Shoe” have won awards at the International Happy Future Scripts Film Festival “Let There Be Goodness!” in Ukraine.

“Saffron Base Lifestyle” directed by Parisa Bajelan received the award for best documentary for more than 6 minutes.

Saffron’s white bud and purple sprout comes out of the soil at night and must be picked before sunrise so that the sun doesn’t cause its aroma to fade. In this video, we have tried to show you a glimpse of this lifestyle before your eyes. This flower has a close relationship with people’s lifestyle and is a symbol of collaboration between family members.

“Shoe” won the award for the game movie up to 6 minutes. Directed by Hossain Darabi, the film is about a boy who thinks that his friend plays football better than him due to a certain kind of shoes.

The festival is a platform for creating and promoting films in the context of a happy, healthy and peaceful future for all, and took place from September 1 to 26 in Kyiv.

“The New Story of the Earth”, a co-production between Sweden and Russia was named best animation.

Directed by Alexandra Pivovarova, it tells the old story, which we all heard in childhood and read in textbooks, of a struggle where living beings compete with each other for survival, and people win all and are the pinnacle of evolution. 

In the 21st century, this story brought us to the brink of disaster, and now is the time to tell another story - a story in which we are all connected to each other and are part of a whole. 

The award for documentary up to 6 minutes was given to “7000 Years” by Sally Newman from Australia.

Building a community toward an all-inclusive future is the dream of many. “7000 Years” brings all abilities together to explain the strength of acceptance and courage in a world with so many challenges and imperfections. Let us all stand strong on solid ground.

Photo: A poster for the documentary “Saffron Based Lifestyle”.


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