Majlis reviewing a plan for “elimination of obstacles” in electricity industry

November 20, 2021 - 16:25

TEHRAN – The Energy Committee of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) is reviewing a comprehensive plan for the elimination of obstacles in the way of the development of the country’s electricity sector, a member of the mentioned committee said on Saturday.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of Iran's International Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition (Iran REC 2021) Malek Shariati said: “The plan for the elimination of obstacles in the electricity industry is being finalized, and six programs of this plan have been allocated to the renewable energy sector.”

According to Shariati, the said plan was proposed to the parliament following the continuous power outages during the current year’s summer peak consumption period.

“After being finalized in the Energy Committee, the plan will be reviewed in an open session of the parliament for final approval and then it will be implemented,” he noted.

Pointing to some of the provisions of the mentioned comprehensive plan, the official said, based on this plan we have considered the construction of 10,000 megawatts capacity of new power plants by major industries of which at least 1,000 MW should be renewable power plants.

The official also noted that based on the mentioned plan, major government entities will be obliged to meet at least 10 percent of their electricity needs from renewable sources.

Allowing private contractors to be able to export their generated electricity without the need for exporting through the Energy Ministry is also another program that is being considered under the said comprehensive plan, according to the official.

The 6th edition of Iran's International Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition is being held in Tehran during November 20-21.

This international conference and exhibition are aimed at examining the challenges facing the development of renewable energies in Iran and providing solutions to improve the business environment in this area during the coronavirus pandemic and amid sanctions.


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