Woman football player Salimi hits out at Jordan’s FA

November 27, 2021 - 18:56

TEHRAN - Saba SalimiI, the Iranian woman football player, believes that the Jordan football federation's doubt over an Iranian players' gender was a matter of dirty game and artificial controversy.

In her interview with Tehran Times, Salimi said: “Goalkeeper of Iran national team Zohreh Koudaei is one of the best players in Iranian women's football. I think Jordanian officials made a big mistake in this regard. They made a kind of artificial controversy for the Iran national team after their loss against Iran. It was a dirty game. All the players are checked over gender identification before each tournament, and such claims are absurd.”

Salimi, who currently plays in Turkey's women's super league side, Yabpa, became the first Iranian woman to join a European country when she signed for Azerbaijan’s Marxal.

Speaking about her current condition in Turkish football, she explained: “Everything is good, and I'm adapting to my new side. In general, women's football in Turkey has good facilities. They are on the path to professionalism, and in terms of medical facilities, nutrition, sport psychology, and everything needed for a professional player, they are at a high level.

“I believe that Iranian football has more talented girls than many countries such as Turkey, but the sports infrastructure in Iran is not well-prepared for the Iranian players,” she added.

“Recently, I have received a good offer from an Omani football team, and there are some negotiations between the two club officials over the possible transfer. Of course, my dream is to play in top European leagues in coming years,” said the 24-year-old Iranian player.

Salimi is an energetic right-winger who contributes to both attack and defense. When asked about the Iran woman national team's recent results, she responded eagerly.

“Fortunately, everything is going well for Iran national team. I'm so glad that Iranian women's football are getting where they deserves, and I hope progress will continue.

“I'm honored to play as an Iranian and Muslim woman player in a foreign league. Playing the game with wearing hijab is never a problem for me, and I'm happy that everyone in my new side and new league respects me a lot in this regard,” Salimi concluded.

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