Iran ready to build joint power plants with Azerbaijan

December 15, 2021 - 16:2

TEHRAN – Iranian Energy Minister Ali-Akbar Mehrabian has said the country is ready to construct joint power plants with Azerbaijan, IRNA reported on Wednesday.

Mehrabian made the remarks in an online meeting with his Azeri counterpart Parviz Shahbazov, saying: "Connecting Iran's electricity network to Russia through the Republic of Azerbaijan is important for strengthening trilateral relations."

“With the implementation of this plan, the management of electricity demand in three countries’ peak consumption periods will be possible and the electricity shortage will be compensated,” Mehrabian said.

He announced readiness to hold a trilateral meeting among the ministers of Iran, Azerbaijan, and Russia, noting that Iran welcomes the development and exchange of electricity among the three nations.

The minister stressed the importance of installing turbines next to the two joint dams of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan and said: "With the operation of this project, a significant amount of electricity will be extracted and revenue will be generated for both countries."

“Iran is one of the countries that have the technology for the construction of modern power plants and turbines with an efficiency of more than 60 percent; such turbines are currently exported to other countries, including Russia,” the official said.

Earlier this month, Mehrabian had expressed the Islamic Republic’s readiness for joining the country’s electricity network to those of Azerbaijan and Russia.

Making the remarks in a meeting with Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Tehran Ali Alizadeh, Mehrabian emphasized Iran’s readiness for the development and continuation of electricity exchange between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, saying: "Studies have been conducted on electricity cooperation among Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia and Iran is ready to start synchronizing its electricity network with these countries."

He noted that due to the different peak consumption periods of these countries in summer and winter, it is possible to increase electricity transit in order to meet the electricity needs of the countries in various time spans.

Referring to the long-standing relations between Iran and Azerbaijan in the water and energy sectors, Mehrabian added: “Azerbaijan has had very good achievements in the energy sector in recent years, including gas extraction and electricity generation, which is admirable.”

Mehrabian further emphasized the need to expand Tehran-Baku relations in various economic sectors, saying: "It is possible to increase the economic exchanges between the two countries; for instance, regarding Aras River, some joint work has been done, which is necessary to be pursued and become operational in the form of joint cooperation.”

As one of the major players in West Asia’s energy market, Iran is now emerging as a major electricity hub in the region as the country is following a comprehensive plan for synchronizing its power grid with the neighboring countries.

Iraq was the first neighbor whose national electricity network was synchronized with the Islamic Republic’s power grid back in November 2019, and now the Energy Ministry is following a plan to connect the electricity networks of Russia and Azerbaijan with the Iranian grid.


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