Iranian expats launch 200 domestic startups

January 8, 2022 - 20:0

TEHRAN – Over 200 startups have been launched by Iranian entrepreneurs abroad, creating employment opportunities for 2,400 graduates so far.

The cooperation program with Iranian specialists and entrepreneurs abroad is one of the plans designed and implemented by the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology to cooperate with Iranian elites abroad.

Over the past four years ago, one of the basic programs has been the creation of suitable conditions for the attraction of Iranians abroad, including specialists, elites, investors, and entrepreneurs in various businesses, but the scope in accordance with the requirements of the time and necessities has become more widespread.

Over 2400 Iranian expatriates have so far cooperated with domestic scientific and industrial centers. This program is being implemented with the aim of using the scientific and professional capacity of Iranian researchers and specialists and establishing relations with selected scientific, technological, and industrial centers of the country.

So far, more than 2400 Iranian expatriates have cooperated with scientific and industrial centers in the country in the path of scientific and technological development.

Research and technological projects such as postdoctoral, technology start-ups, and holding lectures and specialized workshops to help Iranian experts abroad communicate effectively with selected science and technology centers, are among the goals of this program.

The progress, made in startups, research, and academia since 2015, has led to the return of 2,000 Iranian specialists and graduates from 400 prestigious and top universities in the world.

Iran has also implemented a plan to return elites from the top 100 universities in the world. Through a national model, the facilities are provided for their return by creating technology parks, innovation centers, and factories.

The plan was able to bring back 2,000 Iranian students from around the world over a three-year period.

About 500 Iranian researchers have returned home over the past four years to transfer their knowledge and expertise to the country's universities, according to the vice presidency for science and technology.



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