Iranian transport minister visits Syria to pursue expansion of trade ties

January 12, 2022 - 15:59

TEHRAN - Iranian Transport and Urban Development Minister Rostam Qasemi has traveled to Syria to discuss expansion of economic cooperation and trade ties between the two countries, the portal of the Transport and Urban Development Ministry reported.

Upon arrival to the Syrian capital on Wednesday, Qasemi stressed the two countries’ determination for achieving true economic and trade partnerships.

The Iranian minister, who is visiting Syria on top of a high-ranking economic and political delegation, was welcomed by Syrian Economy and Foreign Trade Minister Mohammad Samer al-Khalil.

Speaking to the press at the airport, Qasemi said: “The end of the war in Syria is the beginning of a new era of economic relations between the two countries, especially since Iran and Syria have been together during the years of the war against international terrorism.”

Samer al-Khalil for his part referred to the inseparable ties between the two nations and said: "We in Syria want extensive cooperation with Iran."

"We hope that the meetings between Mr. Qasemi and Syrian officials will lead to agreements to reach economic and trade partnerships between the two sides," he added.

During his three-day visit to Damascus, Qasemi, who chairs the two countries’ Joint Economic Committee, is scheduled to meet with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the country’s prime minister, and the ministers of foreign affairs, economy, transport, labor, and housing, as well as the head of the central bank of Syria.

According to the transport and urban development minister, during the visit, serious talks are going to be held between the two sides in various fields, including industry, construction, and infrastructure facilities.

Over the past few years and since the end of the war in Syria, Tehran and Damascus have been taking major steps for expansion of mutual trade ties and considering Syria’s efforts for reconstructing the country’s war-torn infrastructures, the construction sector has been one of the major areas that Iran has been focusing on for the expansion of ties with the Arab country.


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