Interview by Farrokh Hesabi

American basketballer Buycks enjoys to play in Iran

January 17, 2022 - 13:10

TEHRAN - Dwight Buycks, American professional basketball player of Chemidor Qom Basketball Club, has talked about playing in the Iranian Super League.

The 32-year-old point guard, in an interview with Tehran Times, has explained about his life in Iran in his first year in the country. 

Tehran Times: Considering the vast difference between the U.S. and Iran basketball, why did you decide to come to Iran and play in the Super League?

Buycks: Well, I knew some guys who had been playing out here. I thought it’d be nice to come here and be able to play with them as well. I heard about Iran through a few people, agents, and staff like that. They said, it’s an excellent league, and it’s getting better each year. So, I felt like it was a good thing to come out here.

This is your first year playing in Iran, and we know that you are not familiar with all the Iranian clubs in detail. But, after this short time, what is your general opinion about the Iranian clubs?

 I have only played a few games so far. I could see that it’s a competitive league which is exciting. You want it to be competitive because you want to compete. That’s just what makes us special at the end. We try to win the championship. As I said, I’ve right now played three or four games. The competitive teams compete for the title, they are tough opponents for us, but we want such teams as well to challenge ourselves. It’s going to be fun!

Your favorite team in NBA?

Buycks: I’m a LeBron’s fan. So, you know, I’m a fan of LeBron James with the Los Angeles Lakers. But I’m from Milwaukee. We did win a championship with the team over there. So, I should return to my root, and I’m a fan of Milwaukee Bucks as well, but generally, I’m a fan of LeBron, so I choose LA Lakers.

Are you adjusting to a new life in Iran?

Buycks: I think it’s nice but it’s too early to talk about it. I’m comfortable here at the moment. I eat food I’m used to, and I know new people. I’m comfortable, and that’s the main thing when you are this far away from your home. I’m enjoying what’s going on.

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