Great books to read over the weekend

January 19, 2022 - 18:26

What could be better than spending the weekend with good books on these cold winter days that sitting in a corner and drinking tea and reading a book can be really enjoyable and can change your mood and help you experience the world through your book? Spending the weekend with books is definitely a good option for those who like to read which they have chosen carefully. But, we will also introduce some great books that if you go for them, you will have a good time reading them.

“Bazidar” The war narrated by an Iraqi citizen

"Bazidar" is the story of an Iraqi soldier who hates fighting and, after escaping from the front twice, he got transferred to an Iranian prison camp where he met an Iranian prisoner; That’s where his story begins. The Iraqi soldier diary named "Seyyed Abbas Mousavi" and written by "Mahboubeh Sadat Razavinia", is a story from his childhood until the age of 30 and the end of his service in the Iraqi army. A Shia soldier who was forcibly sent to war twice during the eight years of holy defense by the Ba'ath party to cook for Iraqi soldiers, but both times he ended up running away because he didn’t want to fight against the Iranian soldiers. But for the third time, he got transferred to an Iranian camp due to his cooking skill To cook for commanders and, staff and that’s where different things started happening to him because of a friendship between Seyyed Abbas Mousavi and Seyyed Ali Akbar Abu Turabi in the camp.

Mahboubeh Sadat Razavinia met Seyyed Abbas Mousavi during her trip to  Karbala and, he was the owner of where Mahboube Razaviyan stayed. He is known as Hajj Abbas. He cooked unique Arabic dishes and has learned cooking from his childhood when he was watching other chiefs during Muharram and Safar. Later on, on another trip, the author tried to record Seyyed Abbas’s memories and not change the style of the story in order to write it from the perspective of the narrator.

“Bazidar” with 471 pages and 1250 copies has recently entered the bookstores by Surah Mehr Publications.

A book for not living

The “The Art of Not Be Resentful”, Strategies for psychological and personal change “ by Rafael Santandreu has recently been translated by Ali Baghshahi and published by Mind Hang Publishing. The author of this book, Rafael Santandreu, is a psychologist who became a professor at Ramon Lull University after studying in Spain and the United Kingdom; and now he is a therapist, professor of doctors, and psychologists around the world who attend his consultations in person or by video in Barcelona and Madrid.

Santandreu writes for the general public and, in this book, he presents a practical and obvious way to achieve psychological change. He believes that becoming stronger and happier people is our destiny. In “The Art of Not Be Resentful” the author shows us how to transform ourselves. With the help of a therapist, we can get rid of depression, anxiety, or irritability and become calm, happy, and optimistic people. 

"Life means enjoying, loving, learning, and discovering new things, and we can only do these things when we can overcome our fears ..." says Rafael Santandreu.

With 328 pages, this book has been published for 88,000 Tomans.

Nine mothers of Hormozgani’s martyr in one book

The book “A Chador Full Of Goldfish” recently published by Surah Mehr is a story of nine martyrs' mothers, begins with the story of how these mothers spent their childhood and continues with the story of their marriage and in the main part of the story, we will read about the birth of their children and how they grew up. The story will continue until their children go to the war and then when their mothers get their son’s martyrdom news.

We will also come across Sardar Soleimani's names in a few parts of the book which includes some stories about his presence as one of the commanders of the Iran-Iraq war in the houses of martyrs' families.

If you would be a fan of the oral history of the Holy Defense, you have probably read many memoirs from the mothers of the martyrs, but this book has features that distinguish it from other books that have been written in this field, which we will briefly review each of them later on.

The book is written by Masoumeh Hooshmand and compiled by the Hormozgan Office of Culture and Sustainability Studies. This book has also covered some information about local details that are less considered in other books in this field, such as their local custom, their foods, their social relations that exist between people in that area, even their accents.

In addition to these material elements, the spiritual and mental elements of culture are also covered in these stories, For example, this book is full of local beliefs like affection by an evil eye or by witchcraft...

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