“Today nuclear technology is the driver of development”

Iran’s Eslami: People will soon see fruits of nuclear industry

February 3, 2022 - 2:3

TEHRAN — Mohammad Eslami, the chief of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), visited the family of martyr Mohsen Fakhrizadeh on Wednesday during which he said the Iranian nation will see soon feel the benefits of nuclear industry in their life.

Fakhrizadeh, a nuclear physicist and scientist, was assassinated in a terrorist attack on November 2020 about 40 kilometers northeast of Tehran. Israel was considered the first and foremost culprit behind the assassination.

At the meeting, Eslami congratulated the auspicious days of the victory of the Islamic Revolution and commemorated the memory of Imam Khomeini and the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution.

“Our high-ranking martyrs, including martyr Fakhrizadeh, were taking steps to establish the honor and authority of Islamic Iran, an authority in the light of which dignity, comfort and security were established for Iranians, and now our compatriots are moving steadfast in advancing the lofty goals of the country and the Revolution, without being influenced by the power of foreigners,” Eslami stated.

The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran added that he went to pay tribute to the Fakhrizadeh family in a sign of respect to martyrs. 

“I ask God Almighty to keep us steadfast in this path. I hope that the prayers of the families of the martyrs and the people will accompany us on the path of the Islamic Revolution and the lofty goals of the country,” the nuclear chief wished.

He said pressure by the arrogant powers put the country on the path of dignity and independence.

Regarding the achievements of the Islamic Revolution and the country’s nuclear advances and the ineffectiveness of sanctions, Eslami noted that new technologies are a source of authority and power. 

“From the viewpoint of the arrogant powers, the presence of Islamic Iran among the powerful countries is considered forbidden, because access to new technologies for the sake of wealth creation as well as empowerment for our country, takes us out of the domination of arrogant powers and this is not what they want,” he added.

Eslami added that Iran’s young scientists have achieved very important accomplishments in new technologies through selfless, loving and sincere efforts without taking care of warnings by foreigners, and one of these cases is the recognition of Iran's nuclear activities among the countries of the world.

He continued, “The arrogant powers do not like Iran's authority and they took any action to hinder the progress of our youth and create obstacles on our way. But our revolutionary youth took a step towards the development of the country and aspirations with a vision, and today our Revolution celebrates the forty-third anniversary of its victory with fervent youth.”

Regarding the development of nuclear technology and the impact of this technology on people's daily lives, Eslami said today nuclear technology is the driver of the development of the country and the impact of this technology in other industries and different parts of people's lives will be manifested.

He added Iran has plans to produce nuclear electricity.

“We are trying to achieve this goal with high speed,” he reiterated. 

According to the AEOI chief, another issue is facilitating the use of radiation in improving the quality of the health sector by using radiopharmaceuticals, which can be widely used in treatment and diagnostics. 

“Another area is the use of radiation in agricultural, food and environmental industries, in which we will see a direct impact on people's lives, both economically and in terms of health,” Eslami further noted.

For his part, the son of Martyr Fakhrizadeh congratulated the 43rd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. 

He also talked about the high goals of the nuclear martyrs for their scientific development of the country.

“The path of our scientists in the rapid movement towards new technologies should not be stopped,” he noted. 

He added that Iranian scientists proved that without any dependence, they conquer the peaks of knowledge that were unimaginable for the world.

He concluded his remarks by saying that the officials must be careful to pave the way for the development of science, especially new technologies, without fear and with confidence.

“Whenever we decided to enter a field, we were successful and proud,” he asserted.

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