Centuries-old tree in eastern Iran made national heritage

February 4, 2022 - 17:49

TEHRAN –A 600-year-old pistacia tree in Qaenat county, eastern South Khorasan province has recently been inscribed on the national heritage list, a local tourism official has said.

At a distance, this tree shows its greatness, strength, and stability, as well as its almost symmetrical crown, Zahra Rezai explained on Friday. 

At 5.1 meters above the ground, the trunk is divided into sub-branches, and its largest branch has a circumference of 40.2 centimeters, the official noted.

This tree has a diameter of 6.5 meters and a height of 8 meters and the knots and twists on its trunk indicate that it is an old tree, she mentioned.

Having an opulent tourist circuit with 26 UNESCO World Heritage sites, of which the vast Hyrcanian Forest and Lut Desert are among the natural properties, Iran seeks to acquire a greater share of the global tourism industry by 2025.

Located in eastern Iran, South Khorasan is home to many historical and natural attractions such as Birjand Castle, Dragon Cave, Furg Citadel, and Polond Desert.

The province is also known for its famous rugs as well as its saffron and barberry which are produced in almost all parts of the province.


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