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February 5, 2022 - 17:58

Ordered by Baqer al-Uloom Research Institute (AS), a three-volume book has been published by Soore Mehr Publication that two of them are about seminary students and their life social activities, and the other one is about mothers and their life difficulties. 

One of the books of this series is “River of Fish and Whale” by Hamid Babaei which is about the Kermanshah earthquake in 2017 and the important role of seminary students' helps and efforts. The idea of writing this book in documentary style has come from “Svetlana Alexievich” which is a collection of memories, conversations, and documents in the form of a story. 

“Exploring Flood” by Mahdi Kurd Firouz is another book which is about the floods that occurred in the 2019 Norouz holidays in some provinces of the country such as Golestan, Mazandaran, Lorestan, Khuzestan, and Sistan. The prominent role of seminary students has been narrated in this book. 

The last book of this series is “Difficult but Sweet” which is written by Maryam Khademi and Atefeh Moradi and edited by Zahra Kardani. The story is about mothers’ different responsibilities; when they want to have an impressive role in society and at the same time, they have to be great mothers too. The authors write about 19 mothers whom they interviewed, their efforts, pains, and hardships to be a perfect woman in life.

This book will be great for women who want to be successful in their lives.    

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