India hosting permanent exhibition of Iranian knowledge-based products

February 11, 2022 - 19:0

TEHRAN – A permanent exhibition of Iranian knowledge-based products, aiming to facilitate exports to India, kicked off in the Indian state of Odisha, ISNA reported on Friday.

This export base in the industrial sector of Odisha State, in cooperation with the Odisha Assembly of Small and Medium Enterprises (OASME), has provided an exhibition space for products with export potential and has facilitated the possibility of establishing relations with small industries in India.

It is worth mentioning that plans have been made for joint cooperation with the Indian government, especially the National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) to accelerate the process of successful presence and economic interactions of Iranian companies.

In this center, services include displaying companies' products for a year in a permanent exhibition, marketing in India, monitoring and initial price analysis of similar products and pricing consulting, holding meetings and business negotiations with Indian companies, consulting for obtaining certificates and product standards, benefiting from local expert marketers, facilitating the transfer of currency, consulting the transportation of goods and products to the target country for knowledge-based companies.

The Indian market of more than 1.3 billion people has provided a unique opportunity for Iranian companies to introduce and sell knowledge-based products. At present, the volume of trade between the two countries in 2020 is about $2.1 billion, which includes $330 million in exports of Iranian products to India.

Innovation houses abroad

The Vice Presidency for Science and Technology also supports the establishment of innovation houses in other countries to develop the export of knowledge-based products.

Exporting technological products of Iranian knowledge-based companies is one of the important and key programs of the vice presidency for science and technology, and in this regard, three houses of innovation and technology were inaugurated in Kenya, China and Syria.

And countries like Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are set to host the innovation houses in near future.

By supporting innovative ideas, holding technological and innovative events, the centers will be a platform for the development and promotion of Iranian knowledge-based companies, startups, and creative industries.

The centers are mainly formed with the investment and support of the private sector to provide the necessary infrastructure for their exports through the innovation houses.

In each center, the products of more than 50 knowledge-based and creative companies are presented, such as health and medicine, information technology, machinery, and equipment.

Iranian knowledge-based goods to be produced in 7 countries

Iran will launch production lines of knowledge-based products in seven countries, namely Turkey, Armenia, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Syria, Iraq, and Kenya, Marzieh Shaverdi, the manager of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund, said on December 4.

The Vice Presidency for Science and Technology will provide special support to facilitate export for knowledge-based companies with quality products over the next 6 months.

Mehdi Ghalehnoei, an official with the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, said in February that last year, knowledge-based companies gained about $800 million in revenue from export, and this year it seems to reach up to $2 billion.

“Africa, neighboring countries, Southeast Asia and Eurasia are our export target priorities, and we hope to create Iranian innovation and technology in all these areas,” he added.


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