By Ali Mousavi

An old guerrilla from Bandar Lengeh and his stories

February 26, 2022 - 18:29

A note on the book “The Windcatchers are waiting” by Azam Posht Mashhadi

The book “The windcatchers are waiting” is a collection of Martyr Ebrahim Beshkardi Zadeh’s memories by Azam Posht Mashhadi. It's a remarkable book about one of the holy defense martyrs that have been narrated by his family members, his colleagues, and comrades. The first volume of this book has been published in 2021 by Soore Mehr publication. 

In the book introduction, the culture center of the Hormozgan province states that this book is about a man who went to war to protect his country with all his heart, and in the end, he achieved his long-held dream.

The process of recording and collecting memories of him has been done with the help and suggestion of the Dar Al-Aqaed Cultural Institute, and all interviews were conducted by Mahboubeh Velayati and Halimeh Shahi, researchers from Bandar Lengeh.

Ebrahim Beshkardi Zadeh, known as the Old Guerrilla, was born in 1313 in the city of Bandar Lengeh. He lost his parents when he was young and grew up with his grandmother. Before the Islamic revolution, he fought against the imperial regime and was sent to front at the start of the imposed war. 

This book has 8 chapters, the first of which, entitled “life” is about his childhood, adolescence, and his middle age. The main narrator of this chapter is his wife, Fatemeh Mahmoudi Rudbari, who was also one of his relatives from his childhood; besides, the children of the martyr are also the narrators. In the first chapter, the readers will read about the cultural, social, and economic conditions of him and his family and where he lived.

In the second chapter, entitled "Living with the people", the martyr's wife, children, friends, and comrades talk about the characteristics and democracy of Martyr Beshkarizadeh.

The third chapter is about his revolutionary activity in the days before its victory. 

The fourth chapter focuses on the most crucial and influential time of Martyr Beshkarizadeh's life: his presence on the front lines.

The fifth chapter, titled "The Last Visit", is about the last days of Bashkirizadeh's life. In this chapter, the martyr's wife, and children refer to the last times they saw or talked to him. 

In the sixth chapter, titled "Memories", family members, friends, colleagues, and comrades narrate their memories of this martyr.

The seventh chapter, entitled "Waiting" is about the moments his family and friends were waiting for him to come back which finally ends with the announcement of the martyrdom. And the last chapter is dedicated to related appendices and photographs.

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