National Seal of Excellence granted to eight Iranian handicrafts

March 4, 2022 - 20:0

TEHRAN – The National Seal of Excellence has been awarded to eight high-quality works handcrafted by the natives of Qom province, the deputy provincial tourism chief has announced.

Traditional jewelry, toreutics, and engraving on semi-precious stones are among the works awarded with the National Seal of Excellence, Ali Rezai said on Thursday, IRNA reported. 

Winners were picked by a panel of national juries from a shortlist of 14 works, the official added. 

The National Seal of Excellence is given to high-quality, selected works to support craftspeople, improve the quality of their works and preserve the originality of this industry, and create sustainable employment.

Qom has been designated as the national city of handmade rings as almost 1,200 crafters and artisans are active in the production of handmade jewelry and rings in workshops across the province.

The semi-precious stone mines, which are scattered across the province, are also one of Qom’s potentials to be developed in this field of handicrafts. Besides domestic travelers, foreign tourists, who are mostly from Arab countries and the Persian Gulf littoral states, are traditionally the main customers of these handmade products.

The second-holiest city of the country after Mashhad, Qom is home to both the magnificent shrine of Hazrat-e Masumeh (SA) and the major religious madrasas (schools). 


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