Safavid mosque undergoes restoration 

May 21, 2022 - 18:59

TEHRAN – A new round of restoration work has commenced on the Safavid-era (1501-1736) Jameh Mosque of Sedeh, in Qaen county, South Khorasan province. 

A restoration workshop has been set up to clean the roof of the structure from the worn-out plaster works, a local tourism official has said. 

As part of the restoration project, part of the damage caused by natural factors over the years will also be repaired, Hamid Abbaszadeh explained on Saturday. 

The historical mosque has been inscribed on the national heritage list. 

The terms “Jameh Mosque”, “Masjed-e Jameh” and “Friday Mosque” are used in Iran for a grand communal mosque where mandatory Friday prayers are performed: the phrase is used in other Muslim countries but only in Iran does it designate this purpose.

Located in eastern Iran, South Khorasan is home to many historical and natural attractions such as Birjand Castle, Dragon Cave, Furg Citadel, and Polond Desert.

The province is also known for its famous rugs as well as its saffron and barberry which are produced in almost all parts of the province.


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