Persian children’s monthly Qollak launches English edition

July 22, 2022 - 18:27

TEHRAN – Qollak, a Persian monthly focusing on simple economic topics for children in the 3 to 7 age group, has celebrated its 8th anniversary by launching an English edition.

A number of children’s writers, including Mostafa Rahmandoost and Fereidun Amuzadeh-Khalili, attended a special ceremony organized by the monthly last Wednesday to introduce the English edition.

“It’s a great honor for all of us to celebrate the eighth anniversary of the magazine by launching an English edition as well as adding additional pages to the monthly,” managing director Behnam Taqipur said during the ceremony.  

“The monthly owes this achievement to a team of writers and illustrators who are working with all their loving concern for children; the team is a great asset to the monthly,” Qollak chief editor said.

“Qollak carries a variety of materials, which children from other cultures may find attractive,” she added.

In his short speech, Rahmandoost called Qollak a quality magazine and lamented the decline of reading among Iranian children.  

He also praised the staff of the magazine for launching the English edition. Addressing the staff he said, “I suggest you provide easy access to the foreign audience and the children of Iranian expatriates; they are really eager to read materials about Iranian culture.”

On his part, Amuzadeh-Khalili who is also the founder of several children’s periodicals, said, “It’s great that despite the difficult economic conditions facing our society there are still people who care about cultural issues and expend their capital upon cultural activities.”

“Providing a lot of educational information, Qollak is really entertaining, and as a child in his sixties, I really enjoy reading the magazine,” he said and expressed his hope that the journal would celebrate its 80th anniversary.

At Qollak, a team of writers and illustrators streamline concepts such as accumulating savings, manufacturing different industrial products, various ways of making a living, information about foreign currencies, management of income and expenditures, economic news stories and many other financial topics for children in the form of stories, games, satires, etc. 

Photo: A combination photo shows the front cover of the first English edition of the children’s monthly Qollak along with pictures of writers and children attending a celebration for the magazine’s eighth anniversary.


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