Hezbollah’s video threat to Israel 

August 2, 2022 - 11:20

The Lebanese resistance movement published a video that lasted just over a minute, yet it carried so many messages, with an underlining powerful warning to Israel: Hezbollah can strike all Israeli ships in Karish.

The disputed natural resource-rich maritime region has been a bone of contention for several months now. The occupying Israeli regime has been busy working to extract oil and gas before resolving a dispute with Beirut on where the maritime border lies between Lebanon and the apartheid regime in the occupied Palestinian territories. 

During that time Hezbollah appears to have also been working on preventing Israel from extracting any oil and gas; which Tel Aviv intends to do by September. 

The video clip contained remarkably accurate and important technical data regarding the resistance movement’s military, intelligence and security capabilities as well as its strong ability in using those capabilities to strengthen Lebanon's political position.

The footage, aired on Sunday, came as the United States energy envoy, Amos Hochstein, was landing in Beirut to mediate ongoing indirect talks between Lebanon and the Israeli occupation over where their sea borders end and how much of the Mediterranean Karish sea region belongs to Beirut. 

In a recent interview, the Secretary General of Hezbollah pointed out that the Lebanese resistance is closely monitoring the mediation talks. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said Hezbollah will not allow “the Lebanese people to be laughed at by American mediators”

He also warned that the movement’s “precision missiles can strike targets across all of the Israeli-occupied Palestinian land and sea” and that time is not on the Lebanese state’s side to drag it’s feet in negotiations over Lebanon’s rights. 

The other part of the interview that made headlines was Sayyed Nasrallah saying Hezbollah has flown drones over the occupied Palestinian territories dozens of times and has enough information on Israeli operations in the Karish energy field. 

The interview was conducted a few days ago and if Israel was under the illusion that Sayyad Nasrallah was exaggerating when he said Hezbollah has enough information on Karish, then it was in for a surprise. 

The video released on Sunday began with an audio quote from the words of Sayyad Nasrallah in a speech, delivered several weeks ago on the anniversary of the July war, that said “playing with time is not useful”

In between showing the Israeli ships operating at the Karish field, quick glimpses of land-to-sea missiles being prepared to fire are shown, what will happen next with the missiles is left to the regime’s imagination. 

The clip then shows the “Arendal Spirit” platform, the video shows it in the target of the missiles and information appears about the floating platform reading “75 meters long, 75 meters wide and employed by 67 people.”

The film moves to the second Israeli target operating in the energy field with the information appearing on screen reading "Energean Power FPSO production and storage vessel, registered in Singapore, its measurements are 227 * 50 * 100 meters, the number of workers on it is 113, and its exact coordinates are E 37 17 1.5577 and N 33 12 14.6911."

Then the movements of the "Stenna Icemax Drill and exploration ship, registered in Britain, 227 * 42 * 19 meters, carrying 134 people on board, and its exact coordinates are E 34 19 11.0065 and N 33 14 2.5734" was shown.

The data was then updated at the end of the video clip by publishing coordinates dating back to the same day it was produced, on July 30, which suggests that Hezbollah has been closely observing the Israeli ships’ movements and monitoring the coordinates permanently and continuously.

The missiles owned by the resistance, as shown in the video are sealed with the slogan the "Naval Force" of Hezbollah alongside a quote from the Holy Quran.  

The clip concludes with the words “within range” in Hebrew and Arabic. 

The video clip also mentioned the Karish field is “90 km away from the Lebanese coast,” which experts say indicates the goal of the resistance movement is to reveal that it’s in possession of anti-ship missiles with a range covering the Karish field and the advantage of launching them from tens of kilometers away. Also, military experts say the destructive power of destroying the Israeli platforms and sinking the regime’s ships, not only causing damage to them, was highlighted in the video.

The clip also showed the resistance is in possession of advanced monitoring devices and sophisticated thermal cameras capable of carrying out long-range reconnaissance operations, which constitute an alternative for the need to send drones to monitor. In essence, an alternative to exposing Hezbollah to any contact with the enemy forces in order to gain access to information, as well as any possible losses while maintaining the secret nature of the task.

On Saturday, Hezbollah’s Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Naim Qassem said “In case the Zionist enemy threatens us, we will stand in front of it like a solid bulwark. No matter what preparations it would make, were are truly more geared up,”

“Everyone knows that Hezbollah facilitates coordination and alignment of standpoints between the resistance front and the government so that Lebanese officials assert the country’s rights on a strong footing,” the senior Hezbollah official added.

He noted, “Hezbollah, due to its strong belief in the teachings of Imam Hussein (AS), the third Shia Imam and the grandson of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), drove Israeli forces out of southern Lebanon, destroyed Daesh and other Takfiri militant groups, and brandished the flag of truth.”

Military experts say that accurate coordinates, measuring distance, knowing the type of target, and monitoring the nature of the target's movements constitute another major milestone in Hezbollah’s military capabilities that is reported to have silenced Israeli media who had no idea Hezbollah would up the ante to this level. 

The fact that the video production was on the same day of the naval area monitoring shows an ability to communicate effectively and quickly and send information from a secret operation area to a secret unit in the resistance, the naval unit, to the design and implementation studio of the Hezbollah military media, and then broadcast it to the media at a sensitive time. 

This is carefully planned work that commentators say has surprised the Israeli regime. The implementation of the video clip, should it happen will also be carefully planned and surprising. If there is one thing we have learnt about Hezbollah it’s this: just when the movement surprises the enemy, it has more secrets awaiting the enemy. The level of secrecy is delicate but no doubt the working conditions of the Lebanese resistance prevent Israel from understanding its capabilities.

For instance, from revealing the strength of the movement’s drones just a few days ago to obtaining images via advanced monitoring devices and sophisticated thermal cameras days later. 

The energy supplies that the United States needs for Europe may now force Washington to intervene and pressure the Israelis to avoid any confrontation that would exacerbate already high global tensions and reach an appropriate agreement with the Lebanese.

On Sunday night, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah pointed out that “40 years of difficulties and yet we crossed them all and with time we grew in strength and influence thanks to God”

Regarding the oil and gas in Karish he stressed “there is a historic and golden opportunity to save the country and move people from their humiliation in front of bakeries and elsewhere. This matter needs a risk so let us take that risk, and we are ready to offer ourselves and our loved ones to protect our country and our people, and God has assigned us with this job.”

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