Budget allocated to restore monuments in Saveh

January 28, 2023 - 20:0

TEHRAN – A budget of 15 billion rials ($37,500) has been allocated to restore historical monuments across Saveh, central Markazi province, the provincial tourism chief has said.

The restoration of monuments such as the 12th-century Jameh Mosque of Saveh, Kalbali Khan Cistern, and a former bathhouse is top on the agenda, Mostafa Marzban explained on Saturday.

The restoration projects will be carried out in close collaboration with Saveh Municipality as well as other related organizations, the official added.

Soaked in history and culture, Saveh is situated in the north of Markazi province at a height of 995 meters above sea level. The climate of this city is warm and semi-arid in the east vicinity to desert and cold in the mountainous region of the west.

Markazi province is considered the industrial capital of the country. It is rich in natural, historical, cultural, and religious attractions.

Hand-woven carpets and kilims, made in its cities, including Farahan, Sarugh, Lilivan, Senejan, and Vafs, are known internationally.


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