An interview Nusratullah Mahmudzadeh

Deciphering the mysterious life of martyr Alamolhoda in “The Scarlet Trip”

February 6, 2023 - 18:6

Nusratullah Mahmudzadeh is a great writer in the field of sustainable literature and war. He is the creator of books such as Hoveyzeh Saga, Heavenly Road, Christ of Kurdistan, etc.

The biography of the martyr Alamolhoda, "The Scarlet Trip," according to Nusratullah Mahmudzadeh, was well received. The author's primary motivation for writing the book was that he had done research on the subject and had kept in touch with the martyr during the final two months of his life in Hoveyzeh. After two years of investigation into the character of this martyr, Mahmudzadeh wrote this book for young people and students.

“In the early stages of the war, I volunteered to go to the front lines and was assigned to Susangerd and Hoveyzeh. I got to know Hussein Alamolhoda, the commander of the Hoveyzeh Corps, on the Susangerd front and during the liberation of the city of Susangerd. He put in a lot of effort and was more active in cultural pursuits. When he became in command of the Hoveyzeh Corps, he made the decision to engage in combat and military operations,” said Mahmudzadeh regarding his acquaintance with Hussein Alamolhoda. 

“I was one of just 4 or 5 people to survive the "Nasr 10" operation. I gave him a lot of thought when I was injured, and when I was well enough to do so, I went to his family and friends and launched a thorough inquiry about him that lasted for two years and began with his adolescence,” he added.

Mahmoudzadeh referred to the fact that today's youth may navigate this book by saying that they can be like Hussein Alamolhoda and avoid imitating others because students nowadays are heavily reliant on imitation and put little effort into learning.

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