• A Prison in a Prison 2023-03-18 18:01

    A review session for the book “A Prison in a Prison”

    The story of being unjustly imprisoned

    On the last days close to the Nowruz holidays, the review session for the book “A Prison in a Prison” was held with the presence of the book’s author, Hamidreza Molazeinol, and the well-known critic, Golestan Jafarian.

  • Unfinished Dreams 2023-03-17 18:00

    A review of the book “Unfinished Dreams”

    The story of an Iraqi woman and a portion of her nation's history

    According to IBNA, the most recent publication by Elaheh Akherati, "Unfinished Dreams," tells the story of Atyaf Zubeidi, the martyr Muhammad Shaybani's wife. This book covers not just Atyaf Zubeidi's life but also a portion of the history of the Iraqi people.

  • Minuchehr 2023-03-14 17:26

    An interview with Javad Kamvar

    The dedication of a successful doctor to his country

    According to Islamic Revolution Document Center, Dr. Davaei has provided many services in the field of treatment to his country, along with his extraordinary efforts in the period of the holy defense.

  • I Got Your Back 2023-03-12 18:34

    An interview with Muhammad Rasul Mollahasani

    Eighty moral points in the book "I Got Your Back"

    According to IBNA, in 12 chapters, the book "I Got Your Back" by Muhammad Rasul Mollahasani, tells the life story of martyr Morteza Abdullahi, the defender of the shrine.

  • The Water is for the Fish 2023-03-11 18:26

    The unveiling ceremony for “The Water is for the Fish”

    ‘Our first duty is jihad for hearts’

    As IBNA reported, the unveiling ceremony of the book "The Water is for the Fish" was held in Imam Hassan Mojtabi Mosque, in Tehran.

  • Mr. Saeid 2023-03-10 18:21

    An interview with Mohammad Mahdi Hemmati

    “Mr. Saeid” recounts IRGC figure’s struggles against separatists in western Iran 

    As Mehr news agency reported, the book “Mr. Saeid” is about Seyyed Muhammad Saeid Jafari which was written and edited by Muhammad Mahdi Hemmati, and includes various narratives of the martyr's life and incidents.

  • The Lost of Majnoon 2023-03-06 18:08

    An interview with Maryam Abbasi 

    Martyr whose body was never retrieved from Majnoon Island

    The book "The Lost of Majnoon," written by Maryam Jafari Abbasi and published in 560 pages, contains accounts of the life and bravery of Muhammad Reza Karvar, a martyr who served as one of the 27th Mohammed Rasulullah Division's commanders.

  • Read Sadi's Poetry for the Rebars 2023-03-05 18:07

    A review session for “Read Sadi's Poetry for the Rebars”

    Different narratives of women authors from Chadormalu Mine in Yazd

    According to IBNA, the book “Read Sadi's Poetry for the Rebars”, is a different story of women writer from Chadormalu mine in Yazd. This book was written by Sara Erfani, Faezeh Ghaffar Hadadi, Zeinab Erfanian and Fatemeh Soleimani, which was recently unveiled.

  • I’m a Mother Too 2023-03-03 18:26

    The review session of the book "I’m a Mother Too"

    “I’m a Mother Too”: duty of mothers of martyrs

    As IBNA reported, the book "I’m a Mother Too" review session was held in the Jarfa Studing Center, with the critic and writer of the book, Somayeh Azimi, and the educational researcher and philosopher, Marzieh Heidari.

  • Original Fingerprints 2023-03-01 18:04

    An interview with Hussein Ghorbanzadeh

    “Original Fingerprints”, inner struggle in teenagers

    As reported by the Ibna news agency, Hussein Ghorbanzadeh wrote "Original Fingerprints" for teenagers.

  • The Tall One 2023-02-27 18:24

    An interview with Maliheh Nikbakht

    “The Tall One”, intelligent, handsome martyr

    The book "The Tall One" is a collection of stories about martyr Abbas Ali Khamri, compiled by Maliheh Nikbakht and published by Soore Mehr.

  • In Search for Moonlight 2023-02-26 18:37

    “In Search for Moonlight”, restless character behind endless calmness

    "In Search for Moonlight", written by Hossein Qaraei, features the story of Hamid Hesam and was unveiled at the art bureau in the presence of some great writers.

  • The Secret of Ahmad 2023-02-24 18:18

    An interview with Hamid Davoudabadi

    “The Secret of Ahmad”: 25 years of research on Ahmad Motevasselian

    Every year, a lot of news is published on the 13th and 14th of June about Ahmad Motevasselian. As compared to previous years, this year's news stories were about their definitive martyrdom, but where are their bodies?

  • The Third Tunnel 2023-02-21 18:24

    An interview with Fateme Elyasi

    The Third Tunnel

    The book “The Third Tunnel” written by Fateme Elyasi, is a teenage novel with the theme of character maturity and full of anecdotes, and the author tries to deal with the distortion of Pahlavi's history and show how this regime tried to discredit the fighting forces of the revolution.

  • A Khaki Wrestling Singlet 2023-02-20 18:09

    An interview with Nafise Zarei

    A Khaki Wrestling Singlet

    Nafiseh Zarei is a media activist who began writing seriously with short tales and poems around ten years ago.

  • Chamrush 2023-02-19 18:02

    Unveiling “Chamrush”

    The unveiling ceremony of the book "Chamrush" was held at Eshraq Cultural Center. This book is about Kamal Shirkhani who was a pilot and a defender of the shrine, and it’s written by Shahla Panahi.

  • Yamaha 2023-02-18 18:10

    An interview with Mahbube Hajiannejad


    Mahbube Hajiannejad was born in 1984 in Damghan city. She studied English language translation and is now engaged in both writing and translating. 

  • Hiyam  2023-02-15 18:03

    An interview with Leila Ghorbani


    In its time, war is a cruel, violent, and destructive phenomenon, yet this destruction is sometimes not era-specific.

  • General's Inscription 2023-02-14 18:10

    An interview with Akbar Sahraei

    General's Inscription

    “General's Inscription” is a novel written by Akbar Sahraei, which is about martyr Abdullah Eskandari.

  • Vision 2023-02-13 18:18

    An interview with Amin Babazade

    A documentary narrative in "Vision"

    The Ashura event is crucial for Shiites since it is connected to their culture, beliefs, and origins.

  • The Whips of Manners 2023-02-12 18:15

    Unveiling “The Whips of Manners”

    “The Whips of Manners” written by Hamid Hesam, is about Ali Aghamuhammadi, a member of the Expediency Discernment Council.

  • The Birth of a Revolution 2023-02-11 18:39

    An interview with Behzad Daneshgar

    Narrative of the days close to the victory of the Islamic Revolution in "The Birth of a Revolution"

    "The Birth of a Revolution", written by Behzad Daneshgar, is a narrative of the events in the years 1978-1979, a time during which the years passed quickly and led to the victory and formation of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

  • True Stories of True Men 2023-02-08 18:04

    An interview with Zeinab Sodachi

    True Stories of True Men

    The author Zeinab Sodachi is an amazing author who writes for children and adolescents. 

  • Become a Swallow and Come Soon 2023-02-07 18:45

    An interview with Gholam Ali Nesaei

    Become a Swallow and Come Soon

    The book “Become a Swallow and Come Soon” is a total of 14 memories of chemical veterans, written by Gholam Ali Nesaei. 

  • The Scarlet Trip 2023-02-06 18:06

    An interview Nusratullah Mahmudzadeh

    Deciphering the mysterious life of martyr Alamolhoda in “The Scarlet Trip”

    Nusratullah Mahmudzadeh is a great writer in the field of sustainable literature and war. He is the creator of books such as Hoveyzeh Saga, Heavenly Road, Christ of Kurdistan, etc.

  • Always a Soldier 2023-02-05 18:40

    An interview with Fateme Taghizadeh

    Always a Soldier

    Fateme Taghizadeh is a master's student in dramatic literature at Qom Radio and Television University and has been continuously working in the field of writing and story writing for several years. Her specialty is working in the field of Satire.

  • Behind the Dust 2023-02-04 18:15

    An interview with Mohsen Famil Zargarian

    Behind the Dust

    “Behind the Dust”, written by Mohsen Famil Zargarian, is a story of the Mojahedin Organization to make them more and better known to the new generation.

  • A Heart is Beating for You 2023-02-01 18:10

    An interview with Kosar Sharifinasab

    A Heart is Beating for You

    The story "A Heart is Beating for You" was written by Kosar Sharifinasab and is based on the life of Ruhollah Mehrabi, the martyred shrine defender.

  • Pieces of the Mirror 2023-01-31 19:43

    Interview with an author of war about his latest book

    Pieces of the Mirror

    The book “Pieces of the Mirror” is the title of a book written by Nusratollah Mahmudzadeh, which tells the saga of the chemical martyrs of the Fajr Brigade. So far, more than fourteen works in the field of war have been published by this author.

  • Najme Pelareh 2023-01-30 21:52

    An interview with Zahra Aghazadeh Nejad

    Najme Pelareh

    The book “Najme Pelareh” written by Najme Pelareh, is one of the book series about the life of Pakistani martyrs defending the holy shrine in Syria, in which an attempt is made to portray a unique picture of the life of one of the great soldiers of Liwa Zainebiyoun.