An interview with Fateme Vafaeizadeh

The Important Message of This Book Is to Use Every Moment of Life!

April 23, 2023 - 17:50

“The Father's Hadis” is the twenty-eighth book of “The Twenty-Seventh” book series, which includes the documentary narration of the life of martyr Ali Turanlu.

Martyr Turanlu was the commander of the Ansar Battalion of the 27th Mohammad Rasulullah Division, who went missing in the Kheyber operation in the winter of 1983 and did not see his daughter Hadis grow up.

This book includes five main chapters titled "Chapter One: Martyrdom", "Chapter Two: Beginning of Life", "Chapter Three: Tehran Again", "Chapter Four: Internal Conflicts" and "Chapter Five: War". At the end of this book are photos of Martyr Turanlu.

* What made you decide to write about Martyr Ali Turanlu?

He was one of the commanders of the Muhammad Rasulullah's division, whose biography was supposed to be written. There were attractive features in his life, such as his personal characteristics which were orderly and disciplined, or his place of residence where he grew up in the village, and another point is that his body returned to his homeland after 13 years. Even though his family knew that Ali was martyred; But they were still waiting. All of these stories and details about his life, made me write his book.

* How long did it take to write the book and what obstacles did you face to write it?

It took about two years to write the whole book. While writing it, I already had the interviews with his family and friends, naturally due to the passage of time, there were differences in the narration of their memories, which were resolved as much as possible with supplementary interviews.

* If you were to make a comparison between the books you have written about warriors, what would you point out?

There is a similarity in the books on the stories of the martyrs that I have had the honor of narrating their lives, and that these books are the lives of people with great purity.

* Last but not least, what is the major message of “The Father's Hadis” for the young generation?

To use every moment of life.

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