An interview with Hamideh Ashournia

Ordinary People Who Made the Right Decisions 

April 26, 2023 - 17:28

The book "This Was Not a Coming" is about martyr Alireza Khulus Dehghanpour, who was one of the commanders of Quds Battalion of Gilan.

This book, written by Hamideh Ashournia, introduces the different periods of this martyr's life, from childhood to martyrdom, in eleven chapters, and deals with him moral characteristics and personal life.

Hamideh Ashournia enjoyed writing and studied social sciences. She began using social media to write around six years ago. At first, she published her diary more for interest's sake, but thanks to the advice of her friends, this process evolved into creating texts and articles for news organizations, and as a result, she started taking writing more seriously.

She claimed that he was a brave man who bravely left to defend his country in the war rather than staying and creating memories for his two young children, ages three and four, and that this book was written as a way to honor his family, particularly the children of martyrs.

This author continued that good research was done to collect and write the biography of this martyr.

In response to the question of how was the process of collecting and compiling documents for the book, Ashournia explained that a group of students interested in the character of this martyr had spontaneously and of course a little unprofessionally collected numerous interviews, from which interviews in Of course, I tried to write the book in a more detailed and specialized way.

Regarding the impact that such books can have on the society, this author stated that many times we use the excuse of being ordinary to avoid doing great things and effective social activities, while martyrs were ordinary people who made the right decisions in critical situations, and took effective steps.

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