An interview with Asghar Abkhezr

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April 28, 2023 - 17:54

Asghar Abkhezri, who was born in 1976, is a fictional author who focuses on the holy defense subject and he was also a fighter on the front lines of the struggle between good and evil.

Two of his famous books are "Battalion of Lovers" which is the story of the liberation of Khorramshahr from the captivity of the Baathist enemy, and the other one is "Unfinished Notes" the name of which is adapted from the title of the first note that was written by martyr Ali Samandarian.

This interview was conducted before his demise.

* How and where did you spend your childhood, to begin with?

I spent my childhood in Tehran, my father, who was a clergyman, used to travel to Qom a lot to get religious lessons. We regularly hosted sermons at our home because father was a well-known local and trustee of the Hojjat mosque in the south of Tehran.

* At that time, what factors caused the influence of the mosque on the children?

One of the reasons for that was the imam of the mosque, Mr. Mtalebi, because he was a person of piety and grace, and his speeches attracted young people.

On the other hand, he helped a lot to establish the mosque's library, and when the mosque library was established, young people welcomed the mosque so much more that before the revolution, the library had 400 official members. 

* What activities did you do after the Islamic Revolution?

The Islamic Revolution was formed and we became more active in the Javad Al-Aima Mosque. With all our efforts, we did many cultural works at the community level, with the help of Islamic Revolution Committees.

* What activities were you involved in in the field of education?

At first, I was in the administrative staff and then I became part of the educational staff.

* Did you have any position while you were a part of the administrative staff?

Not a post, but because of my religious spirit, they entrusted me with the selection of women to enter the education system. 

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