Turkmen needlework, lavishly-illustrated manuscripts on show at Tehran exhibit

February 6, 2023 - 23:21

TEHRAN – Examples of Turkmen needlework along with some richly-illustrated manuscripts from Khavaran-Nameh have been put on show at the UNESCO-registered Golestan Palace in downtown Tehran.

Organized to mark the 44th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the exhibition will be running through February 11 at an anthropology museum within the UNESCO-registered palace complex.

Inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Turkmen-style needlework is the art of drawing images on plain fabrics by sewing delicate stitches using a needle and colorful yarns. It is a decorative applied art used on the national dress of people of all genders and ages in Turkmenistan and Iran.

Ibn Hassam Khosfi's Khavaran-Nameh is a verse in the form of a religious epic with the theme of made-up stories and battles between Iman Ali (AS) and kings who worship idols like Tahmasshah and Salasul Shah. It embraces traditional ideas. Hero and travel patterns are among the most popular motifs because of their nature.

Currently, the World Heritage site consists of eight significant palace buildings, many of which are now museums and the named gardens, a shared area of greenery enclosed by an outer wall with gates.

The complex is a prime example of the Qajar era's architectural and artistic achievements, including the infusion of European themes and aesthetics into Persian art. In addition to serving as the Qajari kings' administrative headquarters, it also served as a community for recreation and housing, as well as a hub for artistic creation in the 19th century.

It became the origin and focal point of Qajari arts and architecture as a result of the latter activity. The architectural language and decorative art of the Qajar era, which are primarily represented in the legacy of Naser al-Din Shah, are richly attested to by the Golestan Palace, a singular and remarkable testimony.


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