By Martin Love

Dangerous times amid serious glimmers of real and huge, positive changes…

April 2, 2023 - 13:6

It’s difficult to be even a partially intelligent and informed citizen in the U.S. A kind of despair takes hold of one’s psyche amid the blizzard of bad news around the Biden, Neocon Administration.

The country is deeply awash in incoherent, idiotic moves by the Democrats and some Republicans in Congress, and in blatant corruption so deep one wonders if the country can long survive as a reasonable, going venture. (Almost the same thing can be said about its chief and only “ally” in West Asia — Netanyahu’s Israel — but that’s another story and in either case, at least 70 percent of the world’s population is about ready to say “good riddance” to both countries if ever it occurs.)

Consider first the remarkable developments beyond the chaos in Washington as February winds down. And this is the good news. China’s leader Xi showed up in Moscow. Syria’s Assad visited the UAE with his lovely wife. She, apparently free of cancer, and diplomatic relations are being restored, following diplomatic restorations between Iran and Saudi Arabia and embassy openings ahead this Spring. Xi is presenting a plan to push a ceasefire at least in Ukraine and end the carnage. This has already been rejected by Washington! (And estimated 300,000 Ukrainian troops have died or been disabled. Maybe 40,000 Russian troops have been sidelined or killed in the senseless war provoked by Biden and his Neocon masters, many of whom are the very same ideologues, mostly Zionists, who played a big role in sparking the Iraq war among others 20 years ago. Ukraine, which had a population of some 39 million, has seen its population shrink to maybe 20 million as millions have become refugees in Europe.

The Arab/Persian/Muslim world may be waking up to the obvious benefits of cooperation and peace and more unity.

Representatives of 40 African countries also convened with Russian diplomats to bolster relations and Russia canceled billions in debts. Little Kenya decided to shun the dollar as a trade vehicle with China and other countries, and this is but one of other, smaller positive moves inherent in the rise of a multipolar planet which is well underway it seems. As one pundit remarked, it’s possible that in the next few months more geopolitical and economic changes may occur that have not been witnessed in over 100 years.

But the fly in the ointmental salve is the U.S. and this if becoming more recognized around the world, even perhaps in places in Europe such as France where some observers smell “revolution”, and get this, there has been some chatter in Germany about a repair and reopening of the Nord Stream gas pipelines, which the Bidenists destroyed last year but won’t admit to.

Biden has proved to be so ignorant that he has driven Russia and China into a firm alliance, including Iran. Recall that since the 1960s a goal of U.S foreign policy was to align with China against Russia, or align with Russia against China depending on which country seemed like the greater threat! It’s now likely that China and Russia will never be split apart again. Biden back in 1997 spoke about NATO expansion and the Russians told him they were threatened by it, and that it might force them into alliance with China.  Biden (who has accomplished little in his parasitic career of any real merit while rising to the top of the Washington cesspool like a turd) at the time just literally laughed and said “Good Luck” with that. And now the U.S. also faces 16 countries that want to join the BRICS bloc, too, in defiance of the U.S. Is the world in dangerous times but in more promising times? You bet.

But even if much of the world suffers trying to create a fairer multipolarity amid U.S. threats of World War 3, the U.S. may be about to crash like never before into hostile divisions.

The Biden Democrats have become so desperate that this week, wanting a felonious indictment of former President Donald Trump, they may see the former President handcuffed and booked on a risible charge of having broken some law over a $130,000 payment to one former porn star named Stormy  Daniels to shut her up during the election in 2016, she and Trump having been involved in a sexual escapade. While it’s difficult to consider Trump anything but a self-serving narcissist, no President has suffered as much opprobrium as he did over the trumped up “Russiagate” scandal, which has been exposed as utterly false. One would think with all the garbage the Democrats have tried to find to indict Trump and insure he won’t or can’t run in the election in 2024 (if it even occurs), they’d have found something more damning than a personal out-of-pocket hush money payment to a women of ill repute. Some pundits are claiming that IF Trump is indicted, it will virtually assure his reelection in 2024 since so many Americans remain Trump fans and are beginning to despise Biden.

The top two contenders currently for the Republican nomination are Trump and Florida governor Ron DeSantis. Interesting it is that both men believe the proxy war on Ukraine does not serve U.S. interests. This fact alone ought to insure a Republican win in the 2024 elections over anyone the Democrats vomit up to run for office as it becomes increasingly apparent that the proxy war against Russia, and expenditures to support it of over $110 billion so far, have utterly failed to bring Russia to its knees along with the rejection of Putin within Russia.

In sum no person of any intelligence said the end of the “American Century” and its bloody empire would ever be anything but frightful and perilous for humanity. What is imperative is that average Americans wake up en masse and realize the Biden gang’s sole aim has been to maintain American military and economic hegemony over much of the world for its elites, but none of this effort has benefitted nearly all Americans. At least it can be said that the Global South is rising and prospects exist with that for a better, more peaceful world whatever becomes of the U.S.

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