Palestine in everyone's heart

Blood wins over bullets

April 14, 2023 - 1:8

TEHRAN- On the cover of the special edition of Quds Day, we wrote in approximately one hundred living languages, "Palestine is in our hearts." In order for Palestine to be in someone's heart, it is not necessary to be Arab or Muslim. Our conflict with Israel is not about power, politics, or even land.

It is a battle for humanity. This regime was formed from the very beginning by trampling and ignoring this very thing, and as time passed, its horrific dimensions only increased. When humanity is ignored and abused to such an extent, the obligation of power, politics, and land becomes clear, and there is no room for debate.

Those who advocate for peace with this regime today and condemn resistance can no longer be considered naive and deluded. They are undoubtedly accomplices to this crime against humanity, even if they have clean hands and pretend otherwise on the stage.

After the declaration of the existence of the Israeli regime, the first person who thought that peace could be established between this regime and the Palestinians was Count Folke Bernadotte, the representative of the United Nations. Only four months into this regime's existence, a quasi-military and terrorist group called Stern assassinated Bernadotte in Jerusalem.

Another effort to establish peace and tranquility in this land is the adoption of United Nations Security Council Resolution 242. The resolution was adopted in 1967 by unanimous vote and called on the Israeli regime to withdraw to the pre-1967 borders. It demanded that it return the Golan Heights to Syria, the West Bank of the Jordan River to Jordan, and Gaza to Palestine. 55 years have passed since the adoption of this resolution, and Tel Aviv has yet to implement it.

Of course, Israelis are not unfamiliar with the term peace and have also proposed plans in this regard. For example, in 1967, Yigal Allon presented an interesting peace plan known as the Allon Plan. Allon was the deputy prime minister at the time and a commander of the Palmach - a branch of the famous terrorist group Haganah. His plan was to annex parts of Jordan and Syria to the occupied territories; just as fair and peaceful!

The Rogers Plan, the Greening Plan, the Camp David Peace Accord, the Fahd Plan, the Reagan Plan, the 1982 Arab Union Statement, the 1983 Lebanon-Israel Agreement, the Madrid Conference, the Oslo Accords, the Jordan-Israel Peace Treaty, the Oslo II Accord, the Camp David II Accord, the Clinton Initiative, the Saudi Peace Plan, and finally, the recent peace plan known as the Abraham Accords, are some of the plans that have been tried to bring peace and tranquility to the residents of this land over the past few decades, but in practice they have either been aborted or only served to fatten this wolf.

Peace and reconciliation with the Israeli regime face two fundamental obstacles that essentially make it impossible and what has happened so far - such as Oslo, Camp David, and the Abraham Accords - has been nothing but surrendering and giving a green light to the wolf for committing more crimes. The first problem is related to the inhumane nature of this regime. You can negotiate and reach some sort of agreement with a party, but at least it should adhere to basic human principles. The history and record of this regime and its founders' performance before its establishment clearly show that we are not facing a human set in the conventional sense.

The second obstacle in this regard is the vital and fundamental nature of the conflict. Sometimes you have a disagreement with someone that can be hopeful of resolving by giving and taking concessions. The amount given and taken in this equation depends on the power of the two parties and the general conditions prevailing over the conflict. But sometimes the conflict is not of this kind. The Israeli regime knows better than anyone else that giving the smallest real concession to the Palestinian side, whose bottom line is recognizing the existence of Palestine, is tantamount to signing Israel's destruction. If there are people and a country called Palestine there, and they accept it, the first question and the last question will be: then what is Israel, and where did those who call themselves Israelis come from?!

Israeli authorities are eager to label their opponents as terrorists or anti-Semitic, while what is happening in the occupied territories and the current conflict has nothing to do with terrorism or anti-Semitism. What is known today as Israel is nothing but a large laboratory for crimes. A laboratory where the latest, most complex, and terrifying methods of torture and human slaughter are tested every day and added to its scope. If a Palestinian youth resists against the planners and executors of this endless experiment and throws a stone towards the glass of this laboratory, he is considered a terrorist. And if anyone in a corner of the world cries out against this inhumane trend, he is labeled as anti-Semitic and a supporter of terrorism!

The Islamic Republic of Iran, as the main and central country of resistance against this laboratory of crimes, presented its universal and popular idea years ago to put an end to this historical and unprecedented injustice: "The Islamic Republic's plan to solve the Palestinian issue and heal this old wound is a clear, logical, and in line with the accepted political principles of the global public opinion that has been presented in detail before.

We do not propose a classic war of Islamic countries' armies, nor the drowning of Jewish immigrants, nor of course the sovereignty of the United Nations and other international organizations; we propose a referendum of the Palestinian nation. The Palestinian nation, like any other nation, has the right to determine its own destiny and choose the system ruling its country. All the indigenous people of Palestine, from Muslim, Christian, and Jewish - not foreign immigrants - wherever they are, inside Palestine, in camps, and anywhere else, should participate in a public and orderly referendum and determine the future system of Palestine.

The system and government that emerges from it will determine the fate of non-Palestinian immigrants who have migrated to this country in recent years. This is a fair and logical plan that the global public opinion rightly understands and can enjoy the support of independent nations and governments." (Statements of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution at the Conference on Supporting the Palestinian Uprising in October 2011).

This plan is just, humane, and clear, but can we expect acceptance from this laboratory of crimes? This is where resistance gains meaning and its philosophy becomes clear. The forefront of resistance is the struggle of the Palestinian people against occupiers, but what makes this resistance strong and leads to victory are two factors: material support for the Palestinian fighters and raising awareness at the global level about the reality of the Palestinian issue. Both of these factors are not easy for various reasons, but their difficulty does not mean they are impossible. The Quds Day march is one example of this conscious and awakening support. We must expand this awareness at the global level with initiative and creativity, and we cannot and should not rely solely on commemorating Quds Day to achieve this important goal. As the Leader of the Revolution emphasized, until the oppressive and criminal Zionist regime has control over Quds, every day of the year must be considered Quds Day.

*By Mohammad Sarfi Editor-in-Chief of Tehran Times

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