Iranian animation “Loupetoo” premieres in Lebanon 

April 23, 2023 - 17:54

TEHRAN – “Loupetoo”, an acclaimed animated movie produced at the Sureh Film Organization of Iran’s Islamic Ideology Dissemination Organization, premiered in Lebanese theaters on Saturday.

Directed by Abbas Askari, the animation has been dubbed in Arabic for its premiere in Arab countries, the Sureh Film Organization announced.

In “Loupetoo”, Mr. Kamali, the owner of a sanitarium, treats the patients by teaching them to make toys. The toys are creative, so they are very attractive to children. But the toy studio is shut down due to sabotage, which causes a critical mental condition in the patients. Mr. Kamali becomes disappointed and sad in his vain attempts to solve the problem, but finally, an angel of hope appears.

Sureh is screening the movie with contributions from MEEM Cultural Productions and the Al-Risalat Institute located in the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

The film is scheduled to be screened in theaters in Syria, Iraq and several other Arab countries.

“Loupetoo” has won awards at several international festivals, including the award for best animation film at the 2022 Ahmedabad International Children Film Festival in India.

Having its Iranian premiere during autumn, the film grossed over 200 billion rials (about $400,000 based on Iran’s free-market exchange rate: $1 = 510,000 rials).

Photo: A poster for the premiere of the Iranian animation “Loupetoo” in Lebanon.


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