Over 2b flowers produced in Tehran province

April 26, 2023 - 12:59

TEHRAN- As announced by the chairman of Flowers and Ornamental Plants Producers and Sellers of Tehran province, more than 2 billion flower branches are produced in Tehran province.

Stating that four billion flower branches are produced in the country Akbar Shahrokhi said most of the flowers and ornamental plants enter other provinces from Tehran province.

Currently, Tehran province has 15 flower markets where more than 7,000 florists are located.

Iran has 17th place in the world in the production of flowers and ornamental plants, but it is ranked 107th in terms of export.

Considering the high potential and volume of import of flowers and ornamental plants by the Persian Gulf littoral states and Central Asian countries, in order to increase the share of Iran in the world markets, it is necessary to adopt effective and targeted policies in order to solve the problems in the way of production and export of flowers and ornamental plants.

As reported, it is possible for Iran to export more than one billion dollars of flowers and ornamental plants per year, and the officials of the Agriculture Ministry also emphasize the export capabilities of the country’s flower and ornamental plant sector.

Although, the producers of this sector have problems and limitations, most of which are related to the ministries of energy and industry, which should be removed through adopting effective and targeted policies.


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