Centuries-old Miandasht caravanserai to open to public

May 14, 2023 - 21:31

TEHRAN - Centuries-old Miandasht caravanserai will be open to the public after extensive restoration work is completed.

“A new travel destination, the fully restored caravanserai is expected to generate 200 job opportunities,” Semnan province’s tourism chief said on Sunday.

The caravanserai will be turned into a roadside inn to provide services for passersby, the official said.

The monument is located midway between Tehran to Mashhad and can be a good choice for resting on this long path. The property consists of three connected caravanserais; One of them was built in the Safavid era while the two others date from the Qajar epoch.

The massive caravanserai was the host of many famous people throughout history. For example, Henry Rene D’Allemagne, the French historian and art researcher, stayed here for a while and mentioned it as the largest caravanserai on the path from Tehran to Mashhad.

The earliest caravanserais in Iran were built during the Achaemenid era (550 - 330 BC). Centuries later, when Shah Abbas I assumed power from 1588 to 1629, he ordered the construction of a network of caravanserais across the country. Such roadside inns were once constructed along ancient caravan routes in the Muslim world to shelter people, their goods and animals. The former Silk Road may be the most famous example dotted by caravanserais.

The Islamic Republic has submitted an inclusive dossier on its caravanserais to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. The dossier comprises obligatory data about a selection of 56 caravanserais, which are scattered across the ancient land. And, the shortlist includes qualified caravanserais located in at least 24 provinces.


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