Lorestan people’s hospitality strengthens tourism, governor-general says

May 22, 2023 - 18:42

TEHRAN –The people of the western province of Lorestan are known for their hospitality, which contributes to the tourism economy, the governor-general has said.

With its beautiful nature and welcoming people, Lorestan is an excellent tourism destination, and it is capable of being a tourist hub in this capacity, Farhad Ziviar said on Monday. 

Using this capacity to develop the tourism industry could lead to economic prosperity and employment for the locals, he added. 

Lorestan, which is a region of raw beauty, was inhabited by Iranian Indo-European peoples, including the Medes, c. 1000 BC. Cimmerians and Scythians intermittently ruled the region from about 700 to 625 BC. The Luristan Bronzes are noted for their eclectic array of Assyrian, Babylonian, and Iranian artistic motifs.

Lorestan was incorporated into the growing Achaemenid Empire in about 540 BC and successively was part of the Seleucid, Parthian, and Sassanid dynasties.


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