Some 126 Coins From Qajar Era Discovered in Fars

December 16, 2000
TEHRAN The Law Enforcement Forces of Fars Province said on Thursday that some 126 coins from the Qajar era have been discovered in the past week in Darab city of the province.
The coins were found when a group of villagers were destroying an ancient stronghold. The police later identified them, and the coins along with a ring from the Nassereddin Shah era were confiscated.
According to another report, an ancient network of underground channels, a water reservoir, and a bathroom were discovered in Khorramabad's Falak-ol-Aflak Castle during its innovation.
The discovered parts show that this section of the castle had been used as a water reservoir.
The channels are some 80 to 100 meters height and 50 centimeters wide.
Falak-ol-Aflak, with an area of 5,300 sq.m, is an ancient monument, located on top of a hill in Khorramabad, the capital city of Lorestan Province. It was built before the Sassanid era.