Thoughts Not Affiliated to Powers in an Ideal World

December 16, 2000 - 0:0
TEHRAN The globalization is "an extremely important issue, that has already begun as an inevitable process." The developing countries believe this process should be harnessed in order to halt the materialization of its potentially negative aspects and to facilitate its positive aspects at the service of the world masses.
Does UNESCO look the globalization as a process or a project? If the first assumption is true, then UNESCO must think of strategies for facing this process through a wise international cultural management, so that the interests of the nations will be safeguarded.
If globalization is a project though, then UNESCO needs to analyze its effects at cultural fields in its initial stages.
The world powers sometimes decide to create projects' out of natural social processes, as we can see in European countries' policy in 18th and 19th centuries in disguising their colonialist plots as plans for progress and advancement.
We do not wish to condemn or to acquit anyone, but to organize the globalization process through meaningful dialog in order to minimize its negative effects.
Globalization is a harsh reality that will in near future effect everything, from the political architecture of the world, to the minds of our little children at our homes, through the hegemony of an unharnessed central power pole, if not properly attended to now, and brought under control.
The end result of an unharnessed globalization naturally would be the need to get tuned to a single orator's tone, dependence, and lack of national identities, while having a global viewpoint' is equal with meaningful continued dialogue between civilizations and unity among nations.
So long as we assume that the most important issue in the context of globalization is economy,' while any other issue will be regarded as secondary and of less importance ... we will not be able to think of a role for UNESCO in its context.
Relying on their economic power, the Americans had the slogan of market economy. Now they are after expansions of the policy to the level of society and democracy and talk about market society and market democracy. With an economic eye they are also to expand globalization of economy to the cultural field and support market culture.
The cultural exception plan, initiated by the French is, an advanced nation's reaction toward the unfavorable effects of globalization, and a sign of the seriousness of the problem.
The Iranian cinematographers during the recent years had innumerable successful experiences. How many countries do you know that produce no film annually, or how many nations whose film industry is on the verge of extinction? My country has highlighted the need for dialogue among civilizations during the recent years, but such dialogues should not be truly crystallized at scientific levels.
More important is providing a chance for all the living cultures to talk to the world audiences ... one of the most important prerequisites for which is reshuffling the current unjust global economic relations.