Regional Arab Countries Must Come Into Senses

March 26, 2001 - 0:0
The entire world knows the crystal clear policy of the Islamic Republic in respect of its defense system. Even the Vienna-based international inspectors confirmed the fact that Iran's defense has been planned for nothing but for self-defense.

Iranian authorities know very well that hundreds of thousands of foreign troops along with sophisticated and most advanced weapons are based in the Persian Gulf region.

It could be a real national tragedy for Iran if it does not keep its defense facilities update to meet any unexpected eventuality specially when the forces of arch enemy, the pro-Zionist U.S. Administration are based at its next door.

This is the main reason that the Iranian armed forces frequently hold war games inside the country and also in the Iranian waters of the Persian Gulf.

At the same time all know very well that the regional countries with the collaboration of the U.S. and Britain regularly hold military exercise and most of the times at the cost of the lives of innocent people in these countries.

Just early this month the U.S. war plane, while busy in the war games dropped a bomb in the civilian area of Kuwait and killed few citizens of that sheikhdom.

One of the most important factors is that Iran's defense budget is minimal compared to all the regional countries while some of them have not more than two million population. Iran has over 65 million people.

With this background one has no alternative but be surprised when the Persian Gulf Arab Cooperation Organization issued a statement and criticized Iran for its military maneuvers being held in the Iranian waters of the Persian Gulf and near Iran's Abu Musa Island.

Those countries are busy in the war games with the aliens at the cost of billions of dollars of national assets and they have no right to raise objection against their neighbor that wants to make preparations for the self defense only with no eye on other's territories.

The U.S. and Britain are playing tragic game with the oil-rich Arab countries and plundering oil wealth for weapons business. The sheikhs and kings must come into senses and must focus on national interest and not the lucrative business of the West.